Shelter War Codes (September 19, 2022)

NameShelter War Codes (September 19, 2022)
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Shelter War is an exciting action game in which you’ll have to survive in the world of the zombie apocalypse!

Build a shelter, rescue survivors and fight zombies. Survival strategy is the most important thing in a post-apocalyptic world when zombies and radiation are everywhere!

Shelter War Game Features:

  • Vault with dozens of rooms;
  • Game modes from the first and third person;
  • Various types of training for survivors;
  • Ability to craft many unique items;
  • Constant battles with mutants, robots, zombies, raiders and other players;
  • Campaign mode with a captivating storyline and exciting battles;
  • Incredible vehicles, from apocalyptic buggy to attack helicopter.


  • Multiplayer mode;
  • Mighty hero;
  • Places with rare resources in remote corners of the map;
  • Anomalous zones in the destroyed laboratory with unique artifacts;
  • A multi-level crafting system for the production of various items, from canned meats to plasma guns;
  • Creation of new residents using advanced biotechnology;
  • Thematic events.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
ZJG73R8C0PY823July 16, 2022
3CTG5VHYOBUMFN7912July 21, 2022
2WE3FYTV9BQ1PIUG847July 23, 2022
H05DFXISBU1LRVYE9293July 10, 2022
W7OP382HLBNKRU0687July 2, 2022
ZV0T2DICHEW4R7MG524July 6, 2022
8VN4IKEOXJFA0T3Q539June 19, 2022
JFEMSA6TQWL3RVBIO439June 24, 2022
UKMTEA8QJ96PSW7621July 24, 2022
CJPYX2KE1LG7VFB3555June 3, 2022

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