Devil Amongst Us iOS Mod 1.22.0 (Unlocked/Free Shopping)

NameSilly World – Devil Amongst Us
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Silly World – Devil Amongst Us begins with character creation. You can make a funny Hobbit or a big man with armor. Players are sent to the venue and the basic rules can be found on the spot. The trick is to find the key of the room and move towards the exit.

Silly World - Devil Amongst Us

Guide to play

The problem is that it is very difficult to find the key and the exit itself. Unfortunately, most of the locations are in the dark. So you have to move from room to room. Understandably, the devil might be expecting players in the corner of the field. Running away from him is impractical, so you can’t resist.

Devil Amongst Us

Beginners are usually not looking for clues but checking the base at random. When a cache is found, there is enough magic to get through all the traps. Some rooms in this location are marked with a special sign. This means that a pleasant surprise awaits inside the player. Even without a cache, it is still possible to collect a sufficient amount of potion. However, there was a trap in the room.

Devil Amongst Us Mod

Features of Devil Amongst Us

In the game The Devil Among Us, there is a secret about checking the location. Before moving into the room, you can throw the potion. Steam emanated from him, and from them the presence of evil spirits could easily be guessed. The bypass tactic also works well. It is best to inspect the premises from the edge. As practice shows, keys are stored only in rooms with desks. You can find out about their presence in advance.

Hack Devil Amongst Us

The second point is a clue to the location. No need to go into the rooms, very easy to find the scraps. All of them are in the secret places of the corridor. Somewhere you have to move the statue or cast a spell. To always have a potion on hand, you need a mod for everything open.

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