Skid Rally Mod 1.028 (Unlimited Money)

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Love old classic racing? Then there is the racing game Skid rally. You should like it! Drive amazing cars, drive them through different locations, drift, overtake, win. You will have fun. Excellent gameplay will contribute to making you always tense, feeling the full force of what is happening.

Skid Rally

Features and advantages of the game:

  • Atmospheric graphics combined with a good soundtrack.
  • A huge number of different modes.
  • Car-styling, tuning.
  • Many different locations.
  • Control is very easy.
  • Interesting game plot and so on.

Hack Skid Rally

Game mode:

  • Check-in on time. Here, you need to drive a section of the road as fast as possible.
  • Circuit races. This mode offers competition with three opponents, which will take place on the ring road.
  • Duel. Here you will have the opportunity to fight your opponents in a one-on-one format. Whoever gets to the finish line first is considered the worthy winner. Try to make sure you get this title.
  • Drift. Show more classes and collect the maximum number of game points in the allotted time. The winner will be selected based on the results.
  • Drag. Learn how to control your car’s transmission as efficiently as possible, and in this mode, you will be an unrivaled opponent.

One of the most favorite modes of many gamblers is “Analytics”. Make your prediction on the victory of this or that car, watch the races, get a double prize if your prediction comes true.