Slap Kings iOS Mod 1.4.4 (Unlimited Coins/Money)

NameSlap Kings
Install Original android iphone

Slap Kings is a competitive game like no other! Do you always feel itchy and itchy hands? I want to give salty sea bream to a disagreeable person, but education gets in the way? Well, Slap Kings is the game that will help you blow off steam and fulfill your humble whims. In essence, the gameplay is very simple: there is an arena and there are two fighters, fighting fiercely.


Become Slap Kings!

Your task is to fish stronger bream so that the opponent is eliminated directly. Mastery calculate your strength and follow the readings on its scale! It’s important to hit harder and kill as much of your opponent’s health as possible, otherwise, you won’t see the championship.


The game will not let you get bored. The location will change as the levels progress. So you started with a stuffy ring in a basement somewhere in America, and now you’re beating a smiling resident of the Celestial Empire in the fresh air. The facial expressions of the game characters are very lively and change depending on the damage received, which only adds to the fun.


An addictive fun game

Sometimes the game will launch completely unexpected opponents for you: you will have to slap in the face or a piñata horse, or an unfortunate scooter in a pleasantly colored blue sky. But don’t forget to level up your character, because the opponents will only get stronger with each level! Upgrade your fighter and upgrade its health and strength. Discover new clothes – the master of the sea bream sport must always look cool.

Leveling up costs money, you can earn this in a tough fight. But don’t feel sorry for them! With each level, the game will become more and more interesting, and a mod that earns a lot of money will help you quickly to the top of glory!

Download ( V1.4.4 )
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