Squid Game Mod 20.1 (Immortal/Unlocked All) for Download

Category Casual
Size 58M
Version 20.1
Update: 23/11/2021
Install Original android

Squid Game is a game based on the Squid Game series. There are different deadly challenges: red light, green light, tug of war, cookie cutters, etc. Each game has its own rules that you must follow to reach the finish line safely and sanely. Otherwise, the consequences will be dire. The player will wear a green outfit and a red staff.

Squid Game

Some games will require good teamwork, while others will need to act independently to survive. Decide whether you will proceed cautiously and decisively, or break. Will you be able to get your character into the final round or will another participant receive the bounty?

Squid Game is a real survival game. In the game “Red light, green light” you need to reach the finish line, stopping when the doll faces the players. There was also an experiment in which two bridges made of pieces of glass were stretched over an abyss. Half is tempered glass and half is plain glass.

Squid Game Mod

You need to guess where the tempered glass is and go to the end of the path. And then there’s the tug of war, where the two teams will be separated by an abyss with guillotines. The rope will go through this guillotine. As soon as a team loses and hovers over the abyss, the guillotine cuts the rope. And these are just some of the available tests. We will also have to cut cookie shapes and throw balls. It looks simple, but it’s actually not that simple. The mod will help you make the most of the emotional levels in the passage. A feature of the game can be called high-quality minimalist graphics.