Star Conflict Heroes Codes (February 2023)

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Update: 18/01/2023
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Star Conflict Heroes is a role-playing game in outer space, where intense intergalactic confrontations await you! Become the founder of an invincible space fleet to fight back against pirates and representatives of other races. But be careful, the enemies here are different, and if the forces are not equal, you can get captured or even become a victim.

Star Conflict Heroes
 Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
ZQBDWP3AHRJ 978 February 24, 2023
X9M0VREACBI7QO8 246 February 21, 2023
M9ELDVI4CX1W7GU3 783 February 7, 2023
M8UKNDTB6O5JXEL3Q 461 March 7, 2023
O8NCJ9M5WPIH7QX 671 February 26, 2023
YIJ12FPLD96Z4GQ7 881 January 19, 2023
Q8E9ZF7LHDO64NRI 750 March 15, 2023
LU69VSHECON1PIZMB 882 February 21, 2023
MSHOBWTQ3R0ZLY8 983 March 3, 2023
KFARGPY7N53J0CHV 457 March 6, 2023

Not only a powerful ship matters. If you have a weak team composition, you do not know how to manage personnel and develop clear strategies, then no combat power will save you when faced with a serious and intelligent opponent. During one battle, a player can use four ships at once, but you should think in advance which ships to choose for a particular battle. At the moment, the game has over thirty types of models and a huge number of opportunities for pumping and improving them. By combining different options, create a truly powerful armada. Due to the fact that each ship has a certain unique ability, you can always come up with several tactics and options for their implementation.

If you want to play in the story company, then you are waiting for the bewitching galactic territories, and the main task of the passage is to create a fleet that could be called invincible. In addition, you will receive a mission, the essence of which is to uncover the secrets of an alien civilization. There will be a desire to get into their territory, then use the Mysterious Portal, but be prepared for any turns. There is also a challenge mode where you will have to develop strategies to defeat various enemies.