Star Traders: Frontiers (Mod Unlimited Money) Download

NameStar Traders: Frontiers
CategoryGame Mobile
SizeOctober 24, 2021
Install Original android iphone

Star Traders: Frontiers is the newest space adventure RPG featuring a huge game world.


According to the plot, the large-scale military actions have died down to only devastation in the memory, and the backwardness for the survivors of the different worlds only has to move to the natural border area. River.

Star Traders: Frontiers

After several centuries, a method was created to move ships instantly over long distances. And this led to an era of great colonial unity and economic prosperity.

How to play

Cross the captain bridge of your own spaceship, travel to the stars and towards historical events, travel across the galaxies. But space travel is quite dangerous, so be prepared to face hostile races and many other threats.

Star Traders: Frontiers

Manage the affairs of the team and rule the ship, as a space pirate attacking star ships with priceless goods, a merchant, an army captain, a hardened crime hunter or any other. anyone else.

The game can give any space role-playing game a huge universe, many original roles, the ability to upgrade ships with hundreds of upgrade blocks, crew selection, several levels difficulty and in addition, many missions will reveal hidden content.