Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes Gift Codes (April 2023)

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Update: 08/03/2023
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Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes – a new part of the famous series of Android games based on the plot of the legendary Star Wars epic. “Universe of Heroes” is timed to coincide with the release of the seventh part of the film. This is a turn-based strategy based on the confrontation with alien civilizations.

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes
 Gift Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
Z3NMJHIYO6L 582 March 31, 2023
G4Y0Q9P63FRKLOW 927 April 9, 2023
DJCOPWY34E765V9L 512 March 22, 2023
ZL8SIA9OQ27BG3MFH 357 March 13, 2023
E736SOG8W4J1CYD 431 April 10, 2023
G80IN2RZM54U7YCE 625 March 14, 2023
08MLE67BUYVNWI45 198 April 13, 2023
T5MUCV9HB7WI1QK62 702 March 31, 2023
HJ2OWPYB8T3I7VE 780 April 16, 2023
CDHEPUNVSQX1IZK2 230 April 8, 2023

You have to assemble your team of five brave characters to fight in small arenas. Heroes are endowed with their abilities, have certain roles. Some characters are endowed with the ability to enhance the abilities and skills of other heroes, give the group special advantages (increase attack, defense, increase critical damage), so first of all, you need to pay attention to creating your own unique team. The system of pumping and raising the levels of characters is well developed. The game has the beginnings of initial crafting: to find the missing item or part, you can use the hints that will lead the player to the desired arena.

In total, the game features more than 100 characters that you need to open during the game or buy for real money. In the first locations, only a few heroes are available to players. Each hero consists of several fragments-parts that can be found in locations or obtained by fighting in arenas. Building a character takes a lot of time. To get all the missing parts of the character, you need to prepare for the passage of the same arenas, which is very annoying.

There are several modes available in the game:

• battles that require energy, which is replenished after a certain period of time;
• modes with a set limit of fights and fights per day.

Energy and the number of fights can be increased by donating by investing real money in the game. You can also purchase several character data cards from the in-game store. Modes in the game open sequentially, as the player’s experience increases.

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes is pleased with the graphics, animation, physics, sound design and visual effects that complement the overall atmosphere of the gameplay. The battles look very realistic and dynamic, which is good news. to open access to more interesting difficult modes, initially you need to go through eight missions, completing all the tasks, fighting on the side of the forces of light. In the future, gamers are waiting for battles in pvp modes, with teams of real players.