State of Zombie: Idle RPG Codes iOS Mod 1.11.10 (Unlocked)

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Size 338M
Version 1.11.10
Update: 09/08/2022
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Based on fantasy stories about the post-Zombies where the undead run rampant. State of Zombie: Idle RPG is one of the genres with such compelling content. It is associated with the creativity and progress of the publisher. Once you know how to combine rich content to create a top-notch strategy genre. To give players the best possible experience from the moment of download. You should read the information below and consider it a page of knowledge for yourself.

State of Zombie: Idle RPG

List of Codes

The game is currently a trending application that should be in the user’s collection. If you are a gamer who likes the feeling of bloody fighting. Combined with that are the realistic and vivid action scenes. Then I guarantee that you have found the right game and the right article about it. To help you open your eyes and reach the top of your list.

State of Zombie: Idle RPG has made new updates constantly. To give users the most memorable experience. As well as creating more fun and stimulant for gamers. With the hope that they will stick with the game for a long time. Now let’s create an account to join the game. Then invite your friends to join the battle and share the gift code.

State of Zombie: Idle RPG Mod


Users will have to become the ultimate survivalists. Because living in a zombie epidemic is a difficult thing to do. Dangers give you the craziest life experiences. Teaching players how is the essence of survival. You will be involved in fighting matches with attractive zombies.

With a small number of people left alive after a huge pandemic. These people have had for themselves mutant abilities. Like mutations in physical strength, strength, etc. So they gathered as a team to help each other preserve their small lives. They are also considered important seeds in the restoration of civilization. Direct them in the right direction towards the goal.

State of Zombie: Idle RPG Codes


Before experiencing it firsthand, why don’t you take a moment to read:

  • interesting content

Revolving around the stories of the zombie epidemic. Players also enjoy thrilling survival trips. Or experience your ecstatic moments. In this world, you will be a surviving legion commander. These warriors are also known as the seeds of humanity. So save them from the captivity of adversity.

  • Card Collection

The number of warriors numbered in the tens of hundreds. Will stimulate the ownership of multi-talented gamers. They will want to unlock and experience the most powerful warriors. This creates curiosity and provokes the exploration of the audience. So players will tend to plow hoes and collect cards. With the desire to complete the best quality collection.

Hack State of Zombie: Idle RPG

  • Creation

Create means of transportation to support your to-go clones. With the best creativity of players. You can create fully armed vehicles. The creativity of the game will have the opportunity to show its talent when coming to this undead world. The more creative, the more obvious benefits in survival. So what are you waiting for without creating unique vehicles?

Share the game with your friends and colleagues. Let’s create each other’s peak survival moments.

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