Stick Warfare (Mod Unlimited Money/Free Upgrades) V7.11.3

NameStick Warfare: Blood Strike
CategoryAction, Game Mobile
Install Original android iphone

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike is rated an addictive action game with great graphics and incredible gun battles.


Each user has their own Stickmen – a unique character that you can pump and improve on his traits. Engage in fast-paced gunfights with other players, using your strengths to win the confrontation. Buy new weapons, upgrade weapon parameters, improve your own characteristics, because this is the only way to win.

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What is Stick Warfare: Blood Strike?

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike is an arcade action game with stylish 2D graphics and simple controls. The main character is the infamous Stickman. Instead, there will be a lot of Stickman on the screen and they will recklessly fight each other with different weapons. Control a character, gamers will participate in brawl.


Before long, he will be able to single-handedly fight an entire army of enemies. You can imagine yourself as an action hero on an important mission. Fight alone or with a team. In addition to the ongoing battles, there are also story missions, for completing this quest you can get a nice reward.


Features of the game Stick Warfare

Stick Warfare consists of several levels, each with a specific mission. For example, clear a building by killing bandits, take a train in a storm, or help troops break through enemy defenses. There are 5 heroes to choose from with unique abilities and fighting styles. Some like to act in secret, others take the lead.

  • Beautiful graphics in 2D style.
  • Multi-function management.
  • 36 unique abilities.
  • 5 characters to choose from.
  • Hundreds of levels to complete.
  • Good optimization.
  • Hero pump system.
  • variety of weapons and armor.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • with a mod for a lot of money.

Heroes can be pumped, improving their abilities and combat strength. The controls are very multifunctional: run in different directions, dodge hits, hide behind objects of the environment, crouch, speed up or slow down, gunfight in 2 modes.