Stormfall: Rise of Balur Mod 2.12.0 (Unlimited Money)

Category Strategy
Size Varies with device
Version 2.12.0
Update: 12/01/2022
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Stormfall: Rise Of Balur is a multiplayer strategy, a model in which there is a great opportunity for the player to develop their economic potential, supplementing it with useful resources to win the battle. battle hard for the Throne of Stormfall, who is trying to usurp Balur, the ancient god of Chaos over the Black Horde’s head. Due to the complexity of the situation in the Empire divided by civil strife, achieving victory would be extremely difficult. Thoughtful and addictive gameplay, excellent graphics attract many people to the game.

Stormfall: Rise of Balur


As in other game projects related to the Middle Ages, the main objective of the game is to develop and strengthen the territory of your castle/city. Achieving its prosperity requires a lot of time and many useful resources. You can get them the traditional way for those times – by looting neighboring territories.

It should be noted that similar invasions are all threatened by the enemy, dangerous in the insidiousness and unpredictability of action. It can be effectively countered only with the help of a well-thought-out defensive strategy, always ready to repel a surprise attack. For this, it is important to prepare your army for battle, consisting of many different types of soldiers. In the game, it is necessary to accurately calculate the strengths and weaknesses of the knights, knights, warriors, magicians, barbarians, dragons, … participating in battles.

Stormfall: Rise of Balur Mod

Features of Stormfall: Rise of Balur

Thanks to the ability to communicate between players, strengthening their forces was achieved not only by consuming their resources but also by uniting in Clans with other participants, jointly developing guilds. Battle tactics, conduct them with common forces, and exchange useful resources. Weapons and ammunition modernization, base development, acquisition of other enhancements are done at a cost in the in-game currency that is accrued for completed missions, victories in battles. battle and sell resources.

The shareware model of the game assumes the presence of a built-in donation. Crystals purchased with money can be used to solve the most urgent tasks for conquering the throne: replenishing troops for the army, speeding up the construction of facilities important for defense and infrastructure development, etc. However, to create your Guild, you will have to unconditionally allocate 1000 crystals.

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Gameplay Stormfall: Rise of Balur strikes with attention to the smallest detail and the player’s ability to choose the preponderance of actions inherent in his character – he can become a zealous owner and a brave warrior. The main thing is to conquer the throne!