Storyngton Hall Mod 75.3.0 (Unlimited Stars/Money)

Category Game Mobile
Size 195M
Version 75.3.0
Update: 26/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Storyngton Hall is a casual match 3 game. You are given the role of a young girl who will have to improve the situation in her house to organize social events. You will find yourself in a wonderful time, when at the entrance to a mansion or an estate, messengers announce your arrival, people call each other ladies and gentlemen, and also wear suits. luxury outfit.

Storyngton Hall

In the story, you are a young lady who inherited a huge fortune from a relative. When you returned, you amazed the entire noble family. After deciding to announce your return, you wanted to host and arrange a big prom at your property, but it was damaged and you are expected to spend a lot of time and energy on it. restore it.

Highlights of Storyington Hall

In addition to creating beauty and elegance, you should send invitations to guests, organize musicians and kitchens, and choose costumes and hair. On your way to excellence, Storyngton Hall is full of riddles and riddles that you can solve by matching the stones according to the “three in a row” rule.

Storyngton Hall Mod

The game has an inimitable plot in which you will meet other inhabitants of the estate, guests, neighbors and many others. You will be found by both friends and enemies. Friends will always come to your aid, but the bad guys will literally plot for you and stick sticks in your wheels.

Instructions on how to play

As a true lady, you will go to dinner parties, social events and proms, meet enviable suitors there, dance and have fun. Looking for romantic relationships with the young people you like best, dating, meeting your destiny, or just finding sponsors.

Storyngton Hall: Design Games

Although the owner of a huge inheritance does not need a sponsor, there is a great mod with a lot of money in which everything can be easily purchased. Experiment with your heroine’s hairstyle and outfit, uncover the secrets of your fortune, impress the gentlemen, and put everything in order.