Super Cats Coupon Codes (April 2023)

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Version 1.0.140
Update: 22/03/2023
Install Original android

Super Cats is a fun action game with team battles, in which only cats and kittens take part.

Super Cats
 Coupon Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
K1RH8I3OQN9 864 May 11, 2023
PX6C8E7U23M1SZF 231 April 10, 2023
XVCW967TY4FEKP3B 247 April 5, 2023
5AQUI7JYPMTXFOZE1 466 March 28, 2023
LKBCQFDG2V9URMP 208 May 18, 2023
DUC6R3E2W8PTLZFI 795 May 6, 2023
ACLYGOITJ30S5NXE 609 April 24, 2023
A51LR3QDW6OBCE9HX 891 May 9, 2023
QIA7FB41VRE2SLJ 487 April 12, 2023
ZOX013J4PMCDK2W6 900 May 19, 2023

Take control of a superhero to fight in real time against various opponents. Your hero is an anthropomorphic cat who will shoot to defend himself and jump. Quick matches do not last more than three minutes, so you can play at any time.

Battles take place in team mode – “three by three”. Join other players or create your own team of cats. As the game progresses, you can access cats that resemble famous movie and video game characters: Joker, Garfield, Batman, 007, Mummy, Terminator, Iron Man, Duke Nukem, Hulk, Thanos, Pokémon, Harley Quinn, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter , Darth Vader, Jedi, Naruto, Morty, King Kong, Little Red Riding Hood, Leon, Ghostbusters and others.

When choosing a cat, it is important to pay attention to its characteristics, which are called attributes in the game. Here we have the health level, attack damage and damage from the use of a unique skill. In the same menu, you can pick up weapons. Someone can be bought for coins or diamonds. Some cats are available only after reaching a certain level, and there are those that drop out of bonus chests.

There are two types of currency in the game – coins and diamonds, which are earned in duels. Bonus chests also drop out for fights – they can contain both coins with diamonds and a new character.