Survivalist: invasion PRO iOS Mod 0.0.614 (Unlimited Money/HP/Level)

NameSurvivalist: invasion PRO
CategoryRole Playing
Install Original android iphone

Survivalist: invasion PRO is about the island and its inhabitants in danger. A small patch of land simply filled with creatures of all stripes. Not only wild animals are trying to get through the door of the hut. Bloodthirsty zombies will definitely try to bite a person. You will not be alone with them. The island’s territory will be inhabited by other survivors.

The script

The first few minutes of the flight are not dangerous. However, the engine failure disturbed the peace of the group of passengers. When one of the engines exploded, the plane began to fall to the earth’s surface.

Survivalist: invasion PRO

When you wake up, you are both surprised and scared. Surrounded by the corpses of passengers far less fortunate. And most importantly, a dangerous monster lies nearby that is calmly eating your old companion.

Of course, you have to kill an unknown monster. From that moment on, the struggle for survival began. Only a handful of passengers on the plane survived the horrific crash. And they will have to fight for their own lives alone. Use whatever you have on hand at the moment.

Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod

Features of the game

The island where the ill-fated accident happened turned out to be a rather difficult place. Once upon a time, the Nazis engaged in monstrous experiments here. The results of their actions have made the island a truly desirable place.

Thanks to the tremendous power, ordinary people began to instantly turn into bloodthirsty monsters like never before. All living things become food for these creatures. With the same pleasure, monsters eat both animals and people. Even more gruesome details emerge. Turns out they are also immortal.

Hack Survivalist: invasion PRO

The game is a classic example of a sandbox. Your hero must be systematically pumped, giving him new skills and abilities. Gamers will be able to discover many unique recipes that will allow you to create things useful for survival. The territory of the unknown archipelago is huge. To explore it fully, the character should work hard. It is necessary to find those who survived the accident and were not eaten.

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