Sushi Roll 3D iOS Mod 1.8.6 (Unlimited Money)

Category Simulation
Size 112M
Version 1.8.6
Update: 11/10/2022
Install Original android iphone

Sushi Roll 3D – Super cute, meditative simulation with beautiful graphics, leisurely gameplay, and simple puzzles. The game offers pleasant voice acting to trigger ASMR to relieve stress and anxiety. No time limits and crazy dynamics. Users will just play and relax.


The plot of the game Sushi Roll 3D begins with the opening of a new Japanese restaurant, which mainly prepares sushi from fresh fish. It is this simple dish of Japanese cuisine that has become world-famous over the past several decades, spreading to all the developed countries of the world. In any big city, they sell high-quality sushi, which has become an exquisite snack for breakfast or lunch, when there is no time to cook hot dishes and a lot of time for cooking. cooking. Sushi usually tastes great due to the quality of the fresh fish and the addition of seaweed or special spices to enhance the flavor.

What is Sushi Roll 3D?

Sushi Roll 3D is a game with high-quality cartoon graphics and soft music. The game includes the development from scratch of a Japanese restaurant specializing in sushi.

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In the cooking process, it is not enough just to get the right ingredients, combine them and get the finished product. You need to manually cut the fish and algae, measure the required volume and then combine them in the right proportions. By creating great food, you can attract new customers and earn a lot of money, which you then spend on improving your place.

Features in Sushi Roll 3D

In addition to cooking sushi yourself, you need to prepare delicious side dishes for them like boiled rice, grated cheese, instant noodles, and more. As your income increases, you can buy new furniture, dishes, and decorations for your restaurant, as well as cooking tools like exchanging your old knife for a sharp ax or chainsaw.

And for special guests, special types of sushi garnished with gold are available. A mod for everything public and without ads that will give you access to all elements of the game without aggressive marketing.


A very addictive simulator. The game is beautifully designed, does not cause fatigue because of the complexity. Visuals merge with music and sound, sinking into a trance. A beautiful picture that is very soothing and makes you smile. To get pleasure out of the process, it is enough to blow everything away, let go of worries, and be worry-free.

Basic gameplay

Players enter the kitchen of a Japanese sushi bar, which will then turn into a luxury restaurant. To do this, users must learn how to cook exotic Asian dishes: from sushi to sophisticated dishes. The chef will have a wide range of products, tools, and necessary equipment at his disposal. You can experiment with dishes or work with ready-made recipes.

Along the way, fame will increase, cooking skills will improve, and new ingredients will be unlocked. To satisfy demanding customers who find fault in every little detail, the order must not only be delicious but also beautiful. And visitors will pay for this with a hard coin, which can be spent on transforming institutions.

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