Swamp attack Gift Codes (February 2023)

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Update: 20/01/2023
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Swamp Attack for Android since its inception, the project has confidently held a leading position in the ranking of the most popular free games. The arcade consists of 78 levels divided into four episodes taking place in different locations. Interesting gameplay, colorful atmosphere, simple controls allow you to get maximum pleasure and positive.

Swamp attack
 Gift Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
4QR15CEVAPB 864 March 14, 2023
ZU0VIGNHBA8E32O 231 February 14, 2023
72I3M94D5QW18GVC 381 February 17, 2023
NRK2IC8PL53HVADT0 877 February 14, 2023
X5NUVKQ219ET0HR 490 February 16, 2023
RMFYHT1U6I8O72BD 479 January 24, 2023
D9ZOIF0VT63GJCLQ 716 February 10, 2023
MVEJX0IQRGK163ALT 491 March 3, 2023
WGI80BVRFCMPAUD 917 March 9, 2023
8IPROF4SZ39JBMN7 804 February 24, 2023

This is a very interesting mobile arcade game in which you have to defend your hut from the invasion of mad forest dwellers using any available means. You can use various types of weapons, defensive structures. During the game, ducks and gifts with new weapons, cartridges, and other useful “chips” appear. The menu system is originally implemented with crawling cockroaches that scatter in different directions from touching the screen. The levels are supplemented with interesting modes, after passing which you can earn extra coins.

For protection, you can use any weapon: shotguns, flamethrower, M16, dynamite, uzi, crossbow, gun with a UFO. You can also use other equally useful items – a refrigerator, a gas canister, acid rain, a Stop sign, nuclear bombs, stink bombs. When choosing weapons and protective equipment, it is worth considering their characteristics. At the beginning of the game, only the shotgun is available for defense, which has a large spread, but hits several targets at the same time. During the game, the arsenal of weapons will increase.

Uzis are quick to open fire, but are good for close combat. A crossbow can be compared to a sniper rifle. It hits the target with one shot, but has a small ammunition load, so it is unrealistic to complete the level using only this type of weapon. The flamethrower is the most fun weapon that hits targets at long range. The minigun has a large spread, good damage, shoots all over the map, has 1000 quickly running out of ammo. Best used in conjunction with a flamethrower. M16 is one of the best weapons, but with a small amount of ammo. The UFO gun is a regular laser that runs out very quickly. The little damage doesn’t justify the high cost.

You can stop the animals using other means of protection. The refrigerator will freeze the swamp for a while, stopping the advance. Acid rain will deal significant damage to cunning creatures. Stink bombs, remaining on the surface of the reservoir, destroy everyone who touches them. There is a possibility of increasing the time of their stay afloat. A battery thrown into the water will shock everyone. The most useful thing in the game can be called hammers, causing significant damage.

To strengthen your hut, you can use trees, metal, barricades, gas barrels, peaks, or use the help of the ruthless Cousin Roy, who kills any flying creatures. To buy weapons, protective equipment, improve their characteristics, you will need a decent amount of earned in-game credits. If you want to spend real money, the assortment of the game store is pleasantly surprised. You can buy powerful weapons, effective upgrades, potions that restore a destroyed house.

Swamp Attack is an incredibly interesting, fun game. Pleasant atmosphere, good graphics, original musical arrangement, a huge selection of defense methods and weapons for home defense. The gameplay captivates from the first levels, guaranteeing a great mood.