Syndicate City: Anarchy Codes (August 5, 2022)


The city of Donnybrook does not know a single ruler. It’s time to show who’s the real boss here! Lead one of the 12 most dangerous gangs in this city. Drive your opponents out of their territory. Strengthen your power, recruit new groups and equip them. Establish your dominance in these lands. Suck money out of the areas you control and instill fear in your men. With realistic physics, you will definitely feel the effect of every blow inflicted on enemies. Need money to strengthen your team? Put your skills and luck to the test in a hi-lo game where winners take all and losers go home empty handed. Ready to take control?!”

Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
E4KUX86QHMC459September 8, 2022
IP9UXZRFYSQDL72310September 9, 2022
4612LYFW9EI7JKVN236September 29, 2022
5VDY64NCX0BQRPOFE585September 3, 2022
Y69NQ5G8VBZH37A680September 17, 2022
K03PZY6URO8FSJC5350August 14, 2022
I9VH30NEJDYABC1K920September 12, 2022
LC42TVUBMRI6AHW80706August 13, 2022
M4ZFGU2W3VX8CO1923August 22, 2022
MD1XEWPZ4BJSYNO5648August 6, 2022

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