Tail Gun Charlie Codes (February 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 1.5.6
Update: 15/01/2023
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Tail Gun Charlie is a dynamic shooting range set during World War II. Players are destined to take control of the 50-caliber machine gun mounted on the bomber. There are two ways to control the implement: using a gyroscope or touch buttons. Destroy fascist fighters with precise hits. Try to deal with them before your five lives run out, otherwise you will have to start over. As for the cartridges, you have an infinite supply of them, but you can’t shoot without a break, the machine gun will overheat and stop working for a while, so don’t let it get too hot.

Tail Gun Charlie
 Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
6NRHECBUFAV 202 February 4, 2023
QC1J56G3L4V7PF9 329 February 9, 2023
O5NYWJDX63MBEPRT 559 March 13, 2023
UCD2FRX1BZYIWTVL3 855 February 6, 2023
O87IAUTRQHPFKMY 974 February 1, 2023
I0REO3T7UH81S4QN 432 January 21, 2023
A52DVTSGWPLRI9NM 167 January 22, 2023
IJ82TZ5UPHQO7BM4Y 319 March 12, 2023
SYHW08N61BJXZD3 130 January 20, 2023
WOIBLFYQAURT93P5 771 February 24, 2023