Tank Hero - The battle begins Coupon Codes (January 2023)

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Version 1.9.7
Update: 16/01/2023
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Tank Hero – The battle begins is an arcade action game with dynamic battles on cartoon tanks. Here you have to clash with dozens of opponents, armed with a variety of types of guns. But you will also have a powerful armored vehicle at your disposal, driving which you will not be afraid of any enemies!

Tank Hero – The battle begins
 Coupon Codes (January 2023)
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Initially, you will have one tank at your disposal, on which you will go on your first mission and go through the tutorial. As you progress through the opponents will only become more and more, and even have to face huge bosses. But you can also upgrade your tank by installing additional armor, protection systems, buying more powerful shells and guns. Also, there are several dozen types of auxiliary drones that can deal additional damage to enemies, or heal you.

Before the start of the battle, there is an opportunity to select several unique abilities that increase your speed of fire, movement, and change the properties of the weapon. After accumulating enough money, more powerful tank models with their own combat features will become available to you. The controls in the game are simple, you just need to move around the map with the joystick, and stop to make a shot.

Game Features:
Many exciting levels with various opponents;
Over a hundred unique abilities;
Bright cartoon graphics;
Several models of combat vehicles;
The ability to improve and upgrade your tank.