Teamfight Tactics: Strategy League of Legends Gift Codes (April 2023)

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Version 13.6.4990913
Update: 29/03/2023
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Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends strategy is a new project in the auto chess genre from Riot Games, Inc, the studio known for its top League of Legends game. The essence of the game is to collect and bring your champions to the battle arena and defeat your opponents, bursting into the world elite.

Teamfight Tactics: Strategy League of Legends
 Gift Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
9FHCMGT84VB 689 April 16, 2023
HIQBV089CRPNFUA 834 April 23, 2023
6NHO7JVS3K45TUAZ 778 April 18, 2023
SQ09D2MYANJF1T4PL 122 April 9, 2023
9ZKRGXBCQA8F7ID 373 April 19, 2023
FOQY450A7U8EBRDJ 212 April 6, 2023
MH92QYG7ZDEO0N4I 744 April 7, 2023
8XTVS3GYJMWO46U70 664 May 18, 2023
B5Q3NVMFD0TRLYP 710 May 14, 2023
9OBI5HA731G648TL 868 April 21, 2023

Under your leadership, various fighters from many classes and factions will fight, including demons, dragons, robots, pirates, ghosts and many others. Upgrade fighters to the maximum level to increase their strength and health level. The more fighters of the same class at your disposal, the more bonuses they will receive.

Think over your strategy, which consists in the competent placement of your units and their correct pumping, and then your overall level of power will steadily grow.