Tempest: Pirate Coupon Codes (September 19, 2022)

NameTempest: Pirate Coupon Codes (September 19, 2022)
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The Jolly Roger flutters over your ship, Captain! Tempest: Pirate – adventure RPG for android, which won the hearts of more than 50,000 players, is now in your mobile phone! Become a brave pirate, roam the seas on a ship armed to the teeth. Assemble a team of thugs to take on other pirates and legendary monsters like the Kraken, Leviathan and more! You will need a powerful arsenal: guns, mortars, flamethrowers and more. But you will get the most destructive marine artifacts only after completing difficult and interesting multi-level tasks.

Let the enemies tremble at the appearance of your flag on the horizon, reckless Captain!

Features of Tempest Pirate Action RPG:

  • Open world. Endless journeys across boundless seas full of adventures and secrets;
  • An exciting story. More than a hundred tasks on dozens of islands in three regions;
  • Play with friends. Share the vast world of Tempest Pirate with two friends: fight each other or become companions;
  • Buy ships, upgrade and decorate them;
  • Rob galleons, sink warships and destroy forts!
  • Sea monsters like the Kraken and his sea friends!
  • Use mystic crystals in Tempest: Pirate to deflect enemy cannonballs, rain down meteorites on your enemies, or summon a giant octopus.

Assemble a team of thugs. Pump them up to real sea wolves.

Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
RQCNFH7OSBD143July 17, 2022
2YGXMPS3B6UNV1L792July 15, 2022
N0O6EJB8GSQAV3DC328July 19, 2022
ECFS02YBMGWN7D9LH828July 21, 2022
SX1N8V6GFRIJC0E343August 17, 2022
JIQ26XMO4L9WTU7P441July 26, 2022
YGD3IVZA0HOCBJ9Q497July 17, 2022
LD7O3FBHJI26YRQN1160August 9, 2022
YCEGQ4XIM67DOKL235September 10, 2022
7D0GRTLVA8XCEOBH978August 20, 2022

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