The Adventures of Tsuki Codes (June 14, 2022)

NameThe Adventures of Tsuki Codes (June 14, 2022)
Install Original android

Tsuki Adventures is a fun game in which you will join the exciting adventures of a cute rabbit named Tsuki. Rabbit Tsuki lived in a noisy city where he felt uncomfortable. But everything changed when Tsuki received a regular letter. The letter said that Tsuki inherited the family carrot farm in the picturesque Mushroom Village from his grandfather! Away from the noise of the city, Tsuki will learn to appreciate the simple things.

Collect various items, visit various places, look for hidden surprises and decorate Tsuki’s house. Grow carrots, fish with Yori the fox, read books with Chi the giraffe, and taste delicious food from Bobo the panda. The lovely people of Mushroom Village are overjoyed to meet Tsuki. Enjoy the peaceful village life and meet new furry friends. Appreciate every moment of life!


  • Lots of cute animals;
  • Fascinating plot;
  • Funny mini-games.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
40QWXP5KTDB451June 17, 2022
I5BUHT7SQAE2PDY754June 20, 2022
2D7EK6WFOMVC5Y0R121July 31, 2022
A0Y5DMWFZ7IROS8C4497August 7, 2022
XE1JGCHKPRUNZB8227June 21, 2022
M43S2U06A7L9W1CX280July 7, 2022
THMPQ4O1YD7REC5W770June 23, 2022
6XGP8ZUON0RVC72BM101July 28, 2022
GVYBQ42RO91XFIJ244July 2, 2022
IWJA1ZUM9Y745PHS188June 28, 2022

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