The Battle Cats Mod 12.0.0 (Unlimited cat food and XP/Tickets)

Category Casual
Size 96M
Version 12.0.0
Update: 23/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Battle Cats will delight fans of the horizontal action RPG genre with its substantial variety of strategies and puzzles. Players had the opportunity to side with the belligerent cats, be extremely angry with the enemy, and do everything to lead their team to victory. Toys are made in monochrome, white, but equipped with a lot of interesting, well-invested animation effects, both images, and sounds. There’s a long story mode, the ability to fight a team of cats fighting enemies online or engage in a single battle with AI bots on a selected difficulty.



Battle Cats is a strategy arcade game about the fight of cute kittens. Charming cats are very evil, although there are good representatives among these animals. It’s just fluff and the pink will counteract the black.


Take part in the combat, intrigue, and strategy of The Battle Cats and try to defeat a group of enemies. Meet the composition of your armed squad “fluffy”, as each cat has its weapon, unique combat abilities, skills, and parameters in the form of health and move points, armor quality.


War for territory and survivability – improve your fortress, increase your treasury and also hire recruits for your units in battle – just from the start decide what kind of troops you will hire, because they will all have different characteristics! It will be easy at first, but then the incredible heat will begin!


Upgrade for kittens

Start the battle and command the whole group of cats or try to lead separate cats. Use batons and melee sticks, shoot slingshots and revolvers, launch cans and rocks, hide from enemy guns with plywood and tin boards, hide behind trees, and ambush in bushes bushy.


Use the vault mod to make your team of dangerous cats attack tirelessly and instill fear even in serious online gangs with seasoned experience and some feats behind them. Make upgrades, improve weapons and defense equipment, try to open up new opportunities for each cat, and improve the existing ones. Enjoy the unusual gameplay and the very hand-drawn design, different versions of the toy.