The Battle of Sol Gift Codes (August 4, 2022)

NameThe Battle of Sol Gift Codes (August 4, 2022)

The Battle of Sol – by the year 2500, the Earth has become toxic and unsafe for human life. Pollution and overpopulation have devastated the planet, forcing humanity to head for the stars. Colonies and settlements soon spread throughout the solar system, but man did not lose his thirst for war. When people learned that the Sun was fading, everything changed. And only in the face of a threat on a universal scale did the peoples finally unite. United colonies of SOL (UCS) appeared. Their first and only mission was to find a new home for humanity outside our solar system.

Take on the role of Lieutenant Williams and the enigmatic Brother Elius and take on a mysterious force in the solar system and beyond!

Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
37SKVBNA9F4390September 4, 2022
8PINF02M5H1GD9C699August 27, 2022
C915XAEGV4WPOR7Q113September 11, 2022
0X9YB1EFPAN7KHI6W946August 22, 2022
3D1YQIEH9N8TW5O939August 21, 2022
9JCYIQKFER6A3N82326September 30, 2022
QW4RYG3SC0BD6UIE882September 11, 2022
L5UYGWIQB4Z61FK3X755September 25, 2022
0COZBP3IHVNMXUR303August 10, 2022
8NCBOXYV07RW9KS1888September 28, 2022

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