The Blockheads Promo Codes (July 8, 2022)

NameThe Blockheads Promo Codes (July 8, 2022)

The Blockheads is a giant Android sandbox where you’ll explore, blow up, craft and build. Explore a huge world with climate system, seasons, equator and snowy poles. Travel through caves, ponds, deserts and snowy mountain peaks. It gets very cold at night, so you need to build a shelter. All you have is a shovel, some logs and sticks.

Features of The Blockheads:

  • Control your characters in a huge world with oceans, mountains, forests, deserts and underground caves;
  • Look after their needs – put to bed, feed, make clothes and shelter – and then they will be happier, faster and more productive;
  • Craft items from the resources you find to work even faster and find more resources;
  • Upgrade jobs and unlock more advanced items;
  • Look for precious stones and metals in the bowels of the earth, as well as rare plants and animals on the surface;
  • Build a boat and explore the ocean, guided by the sky;
  • Make clothes out of fur and go to the North Pole;
  • Collect coconuts on a tropical beach;
  • Cook food on the fire;
  • Build a marble palace;
  • Paint the walls;
  • Grow a garden;
  • Ride the donkey!
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
BQJK1MCU5I0656July 13, 2022
WKS8GJD0PO1E3UQ622August 12, 2022
TSDZ80GX3AVWKFCQ413July 12, 2022
Z1DLNVYOETH9AJ28B917August 19, 2022
NGUWRKJ4L5A239F109July 17, 2022
YUQXBZEDGAV136FC432July 11, 2022
C127L4AVQ5ZPXDKF912August 1, 2022
LKSRQCY0EOZI9XN3U199August 20, 2022
MBIX69HVKQJO4FE635August 23, 2022
9N34YWREDT6CSM8Q754July 13, 2022

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