The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Codes (October 7, 2022)

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Long live the captain! Travel to the heart of the Caribbean in the era of piracy – a time of black flags with white skulls, blue waves and golden opportunities. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt for android – become Jolly Rogers and take the helm, sail through battles and attacks to become the Bloody King of the Antilles!

Features of The Pirate Caribbean Hunt:

  • 20 classes of ships;
  • Unlimited fleet size;
  • Control several ships at once during the battle;
  • Bombard enemy fortresses with heavy mortars;
  • 5 types of ammunition – cannonballs, chain balls, large buckshot, bombs and knippels;
  • Special weapons: powder kegs, burning oil, battering rams, boarding;
  • 30 ship upgrades;
  • Character development;
  • 20 captain skills – unlock new options and opportunities;
  • Realistic ship control;
  • Hundreds of islands and dozens of ports to explore;
  • Day/night cycle;
  • Construction improvement of structures;
  • Management of several bases;
  • Unlimited number of naval battles and scenarios (trade missions, smuggler missions, accompanying missions, treasure hunting, pirate attacks);
  • Campaign mode in a living world filled with people;
  • Fight against other players in 2 multiplayer modes: PvP and PvE.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
YS97JW214LU169July 29, 2022
12VIR5C093X4MKD656August 7, 2022
M0K7SO24TRL85FBV100July 14, 2022
AUIHVXZNELPMY6T0G196July 25, 2022
75ZO38VHNBJY92S843August 2, 2022
MGZKLC0VE5I8UT16599July 17, 2022
1X0SZPJM2N6ATE4V521August 29, 2022
MJQ7V59SP4UGNXWZ3729August 2, 2022
W4FRXHNCU1BMOKQ629August 29, 2022
JN9UM2RGCPX38I0A844August 3, 2022

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