The Pirate: Plague of the Dead Promo Codes (October 4, 2022)

NameThe Pirate: Plague of the Dead Promo Codes (October 4, 2022)
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Control your own ship and fight in the Caribbean! The Pirate: Plague of the Dead is an Android sandbox game in which you will feel like the most dangerous pirate captain, Jack Rackham! Use arcane voodoo magic and bring the Flying Gang back from the dead. This mighty gang of pirates will face the terrifying Inquisitor.

Each captain has unique skills that will help you get more gold and even let you summon the mighty Kraken! You will find an open world with a change of day and night, as well as weather conditions.

Features of The Pirate Plague of the Dead:

  • Complete an exciting campaign to unlock unique ships and real-life captains from the Golden Age of Piracy;
  • Travel through the open world and explore known and uncharted waters, where enemies await you, islands with treasures, smugglers’ outposts, cities and much more;
  • Explore the Caribbean, conquer cities, trade and look for treasures and hidden places;
  • Get gold and upgrade your ships;
  • Stunning graphics and realistic physics.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
D5SLTKWCXHY563June 11, 2022
DUBIRZG6A3W4F1L493June 5, 2022
7TWX5PJ0UQ31BSEH246July 13, 2022
530SRGBCEPW9OM7NF733July 9, 2022
47HGYKTOJI309VP960June 5, 2022
0HE1T9I5MDU734GP303July 22, 2022
IADGKVEZBL3Y2QS8892July 11, 2022
HQZKW5FB9OJLESX8R830July 22, 2022
P7SQDTFB263E18M815June 18, 2022
GNSWCI3JY8EF1ZD6738July 6, 2022

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