The Walking Dead No Man's Land Promo Codes (April 2023)

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Update: 30/03/2023
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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land – a tactical strategy for Android based on the famous movie hit.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land
 Promo Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
756KTX9G8RZ 135 May 26, 2023
H1MKL0S96PE3287 482 May 4, 2023
A17UCL9H32FKNDYJ 433 May 10, 2023
1KUGQ73OX8PCSTIM6 879 April 24, 2023
NC5VE24D9P6LUKW 721 April 28, 2023
1N9GKACWBRZ0TOQY 869 May 21, 2023
S91NJQYBWT508EGA 377 May 23, 2023
0WU1JILXDVC5QY6E4 169 May 9, 2023
9530G6SUBTJY1K8 497 April 16, 2023
LZB9QVCIPO245UHM 937 May 13, 2023

Remembering famous TV shows, the first thing that comes to mind is Game of Thrones, True Detective, and of course, The Walking Dead. And the point is not even in such an exciting script and plot, but in the popularity of the stories of survivors of the zombie apocalypse, who since 2010 have been triumphantly marching around the world, being the basis for creating comics, movie hits, TV shows and games. Just a month ago, the premiere of the sixth season of The Walking Dead took place, so it’s time to talk about a new mobile game.

In fact, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is an advertising image game project. But the point is not at all that the already popular series needs additional advertising or earnings from a mobile toy. Rather, it is about creating a positive image. Indeed, No Man’s Land is a really interesting, high-quality game project that will delight you with exciting gameplay, a well-thought-out storyline, and the absence of an obsessive donation, which you may not even remember when destroying the walking dead.

The events in the game take place after the end of the fourth season, when a group of survivors managed to escape from the Terminus, of course, not without the help of the players. At the beginning of the game, users will have to get acquainted with two game layers of No Man’s Land. On the one hand, the game is presented in the form of a typical “farm” with all the ensuing aspects: the development of the base of survivors, the construction and improvement of important facilities, the involvement of new characters. On the other hand, the game is positioned as a high-quality strategy, in which it is necessary to periodically make sorties, capture new objects, and engage in battles. The tactical component of the project really commands respect.

The player sends three characters to complete tasks and missions. each of which has two points to make a move. You can explore the area. engage in battles, interact with the environment. Attention should be paid to pumping the skills of your characters, so participation in confrontations involves battles with multi-level and dangerous characters. The moment the zombie approaches will be indicated on the scale, which is reduced with each subsequent move. New abilities of the heroes open up as you progress through the levels. To win, you can use various types of weapons, equipment.

For the successful completion of tasks, as a reward, you can open three secret chests out of nine available, each of which contains supplies, new types of weapons, useful improvements, and uniforms.

Without a doubt, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a really cool game project, with interesting, thoughtful gameplay. Graphics, animation are at their best, but well-chosen sound effects give realism and a special atmosphere to the gameplay. The game will appeal to fans of strategies and fans of The Walking Dead, who will be happy to meet their favorite characters.