Toss Diamond Hoop iOS Mod 2.6.0 (Unlimited Balls/Diamond)

NameToss Diamond Hoop
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Toss Diamond Hoop is a gambling, dynamic and exciting sports arcade game that is sure to please all family members and at work will allow you to distract and clear your mind. think your own. The process of a toy consists of throwing dozens of balls into a moving or stationary basketball basket, and to throw it simply swipe the ball with a certain force and in the appropriate direction.

Toss Diamond Hoop

It is noteworthy that the baskets will be placed at different distances, may have different ring diameters, or even be protected from different obstacles and traps, making it difficult for players to hit them. than. Thank God, the player’s arsenal is also full of amplifiers and special abilities that the user can master, and most importantly, apply and score great goals in a timely manner.

Start the game and try to conquer your first achievements in Toss Diamond Hoop. See where your first basketballs go and plan where you’ll throw your next ball. Consider whether the potential score is worth missing out and change tactics as the ball comes closer to the basket.

Toss Diamond Hoop Mod

Don’t forget to install a mod to earn money, with which you can buy cool boosters, open cool skins, unlock amazing arenas for shooting competitions. Participate in gambling events, compete with your friends on an Android device or set a personal record with a computer bot. Throw the ball into the basket from different distances, change your tactics, hone your skills, try to unlock dozens of different add-ons to diversify the process.

Download ( V2.6.0 )
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