True Skate iOS Mod 1.5.53 (Unlimited Slow Motion/ Free Shopping)

Category Sports
Size November 12, 2021
Version 1.5.53
Update: 16/10/2022
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True Skate is a game that invites you to leave your monotonous daily life to participate in a dynamic competition. Since all events will take place in the virtual world, you can forget about the rules and prohibitions, barriers and restrictions that prevent you from enjoying the exciting activities.


Now even an inexperienced beginner will become a champion, whose agility and courage inspire admiration and help win. Show your talent in the park and skate rink. Thanks to the variety of locations and resources offered by the colorful game, new experiences are guaranteed for the participants.

Best Features of True Skate

True Skate will be an opportunity to show courage: gamers are given complete freedom of action. The participants of the virtual competition will show their courage by performing dizzying and breathtaking stunts. Mounds, stairs, railings, railings – skaters will have to demonstrate professional skills in various tests.

true-skate-apk-latest version

The hacked version has simple controls, allows you to participate in sports records, and offers a fun experience. Playing with the wide open parks will help you relax and get rid of the fears that prevent you from enjoying life. Engage in dynamic struggles that build character and develop leadership qualities. The added advantage of this game is the realistic physics and special effects, thanks to which you can experience the thrill.


Addictive Gameplay

In order for the game True Skate to have the right to be called a simulator, the creators have done a very difficult job, which is to create detailed physics of drops and movements, based on which to play the game. . With great desire, the user can simply ride through the park, but it is much better to pay attention to the quests received, usually the player will need to perform a certain sequence of actions of tricks creativity, and form and difficulty of execution will also be counted.


The game shows something very unusual and with all of the above, the convenient rotation system by swiping, touching the screen with your finger will be considered a foot support, so if you touch your finger With your hand near the board, you will slowly roll. and move forward. The implementation of each and the developed tricks are created in the same format, touch the board at different points and at different times, changing the direction of the gestures, you slowly learn how to do it somersaults, of which there are countless numbers in the project.


You will be armed with huge areas filled with high spans, stairs and ramps, simply crafted to hone your abilities, if you really want to you can unlock the park second skater and the developers promise that new tracks will appear soon.

Realistic graphics

Graphics and other aspects of True Skate, which requires all praise, no extra textures and weird behavior of the board below you are expected here, almost everything is close to real conditions . In the True Skate app, the main camera movement is very high quality, the view will change every time the moment calls for it, so you’ll see where you’re rolling.

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