Ultimate Fox Simulator 2 Coupon Codes (April 2023)

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Version 3.0
Update: 07/03/2023
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Ultimate Fox Simulator 2 is the return of the popular fox life simulator with improved functionality and gameplay. Immerse yourself in the world of wild animals and feel like a real predatory fox in your natural habitat. Survive in the wild, go hunting, get food for yourself and your flock, and interact with other animals.

Ultimate Fox Simulator 2
 Coupon Codes (April 2023)
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ZGU4I0JKRFCHA23 911 April 20, 2023
O5QUJ2B73R0KLZIS 991 March 30, 2023
X2C8ZD70OINKB4R5 173 March 28, 2023
BI9P8UHYMLGZF107W 169 March 27, 2023
QB8CFV0UIGSZHR3 764 April 23, 2023
PX5IFD4YMGHBQCW7 623 April 27, 2023

To start the game, swipe on the screen or use the joystick. Click on the icon to see your character’s statistics – level, stamina, strength, speed and other indicators. Upgrade or customize your character. Create your flock, which can include up to ten foxes or get offspring. Hunt animals, interact with other foxes, form alliances or fight with them. Take part in epic boss battles, earn experience and unlock new skills.

The updated version of the game features a change of seasons, thanks to which the natural habitat of animals will change before your eyes. Explore a huge world of wild animals with improved graphics and animations. Thanks to carefully optimized models and textures, the developers have managed to achieve an unsurpassed level of visual quality. Feel like a real fox and feel the realism of the gameplay.

Game Features:
High-quality and realistic 3D graphics;
Ability to customize your character;
Epic battles with other animals;
Beautiful locations of the forest world;
Change of seasons;
The ability to interact with the environment.