Unkilled (Mod Unlimited Ammo/Money/Rockets) V2.1.10

CategoryAction, Game Mobile
Install Original android iphone

Unkilled has many outstanding features that make players extremely beloved with unprecedented passion. Produced by Madfinger Games, the game has created a lot of buzz when developing many versions widely on PC, Android and iOS.


An interesting story line

Over time, the player will be helped by teammates, who, although they do not differ in amazing skill, they do not allow to sit idly by. During the journey you will move from one location to another, stopping only at the points where you need to shoot at the hideous creatures, then we quickly change deployment locations, etc. until we complete all the assigned tasks.


Classic game guide

The UNKILLED currency, which the hero will receive upon completing the quest, can be used to purchase new weapons as well as more advanced uniforms. All of these are useful for dealing with the dead quickly and efficiently. The main disadvantage in the game is the presence of an energy indicator, which is used to complete the mission, so the player has to wait a while for it to fill up or buy it for real money.


But the most interesting thing about this series is the execution of the graphics. The output is very pleasing, everything from conspicuous objects to animations in the game world is rendered at the highest level. Despite the claims that the project works only on Tegra 4, it has arrived in Mali without any nuances, so you can download the shooter and enjoy high-quality graphics and an interesting storyline. taste.


Features in the game

  • An incredible arsenal, having collected almost five dozen weapons;
  • Some kind of assistant will save your life during surgery;
  • Nearly three hundred interesting quests;
  • The game is synced with most existing gamepads;
  • First-person camera;
  • Simple controls and convenient shooting at the target;
  • Amazing details, textures, characters and special effects;
  • A large number of actions.