Urban City Stories iOS Mod 1.2.8 (Unlocked/Free Shopping)

Category Educational
Size 67M
Version 1.2.8
Update: 02/10/2022
Install Original android iphone

Urban City Stories is a beautiful and thought-provoking adventure story about life in a big city, endowed with conventional controls, a sea of ​​animations, and a learning component.


What are Urban City Stories?

Users are invited to participate directly both in the creation of scenarios in the big city and in the search for possible solutions to overcome these very stories. Therefore, the project is diverse and unique, providing a variety of interesting and interesting, interactive, and unpredictable things, which will develop a sense of self-protection in children, teach children to think creatively, bring Responsible and balanced decision making.


Features of Urban City Stories

Start playing Urban City Stories and see how many districts and locations are in the virtual city and how you can interfere with them. Try to go to the cinema and arrange some situations right in the cinema or near it. See where the road repair work is going and try to join it, drivers and workers.


Try to throw a party at home and invite lots of friends and acquaintances, who have their desires and preferences, and you need to please everyone. The mod for everything will go public that allows you to give police situations, simulate tasks for ambulance workers and doctors in the hospital of a virtual city, who build other buildings each other, children and their parents in parks and playgrounds, college students, chefs and waiters in cafes and so on.


Every time you can do things in a new way, involve a different number of participants in the situation, demand all kinds of actions from them, set your own rules and personal parameters. friend. Try to create your experiments and events, and browse through dozens of pre-existing tests and events from the project’s authors.

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