US Conflict iOS Mod 1.16.112 (Unlocked All Missions)

NameUS Conflict
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The multiplayer strategy game US Conflict gives you a unique opportunity to take part in an alternate series of World War II events. In the story, the Third Reich is on an unlikely campaign to invade the United States. The American army is defeated, the salvation of the continent is in your hands!

Guide play

You have to command a team of American infantry and tank soldiers. The game features 12 diverse missions with an engaging military storyline in which you will confront the Nazis. In the urban area, you will encounter German tanks, fighters, and snipers. In the finale, players are waiting for the battle for Washington, in the suburbs, where the Nazi army arranges new and very fierce battles.

US Conflict

You can use and combine many different tactics: set up ambushes, surprise attacks, maneuvers, all-out defense. For success in battle, you’ll be rewarded with in-game points, which you can get support in the form of additional military force and artillery attacks on your opponent’s positions.

Features of US Conflict

The game features more than twenty types of military equipment. These are guns, anti-tank rifles, tanks, and armored vehicles. The developers have tried to pay special attention to the graphics, detailing the equipment, soldiers, fortifications, cities, and rural and jungle landscapes around you in the game. There are also different types of infantry: riflemen, grenade throwers, and marines.

US Conflict Mod

In multiple modes, players can fight against each other on different maps. Among the existing states are the Axis states and the anti-Hitler coalition: Great Britain, Third Reich, USA, France, Soviet Union, Empire of Japan, Romania, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. Each country has its weapons and equipment. During skirmishes, you will have the exclusive opportunity to face different users from different parts of the world and apply military wisdom and the ability to fight to the end against them. surname.

The graphics are presented as improved, and the sound and music are also well developed. They will make you feel like a participant in the most real wars and plunge into the world of World War II to stop the advance of Nazism on the nations.

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