vikingard Codes (February 2023)

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Update: 16/01/2023
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Vikingard is an action-adventure strategy RPG from NetEase, the developer behind popular titles like Infinite Lagrange, Lost Light and more. Here you have to lead an entire Viking settlement and survive in the harsh conditions of the Scandinavian winter, fight opponents, create alliances and raise heirs!

 Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
L86CR14GY9J 722 February 2, 2023
IZ47R6B0HTAK3DW 607 March 4, 2023
6LNQE9WIV3MZBY57 208 February 4, 2023
12MSI54DAGUXBYCRT 726 February 25, 2023
6O5BYMAENZKTPSD 584 January 22, 2023
70UHVOD9F1L4GRIP 492 March 2, 2023
OZN58QIKFPCAT027 849 February 20, 2023
VWT1NJBZSM49OHQLX 408 February 8, 2023
OUS3Z8GJNIXFVLP 850 January 19, 2023
UPJXARCN2STVEDYG 857 February 15, 2023

Become the leader of a Viking tribe, help them survive difficult times and lead your people to greatness. The Scandinavian winter is cold and harsh, and this year’s harvest was not a success at all, so you have to provide your settlement with everything you need to survive. Travel and explore a huge world, solve problems that you will face, fight against hostile tribes and conquer new lands.

Manage resources, cultivate the land and erect various buildings on the territory of your settlement. Create your own alliance or form alliances with other players to increase your power. In addition to battles, urban planning and economic elements, there was also a place for romance. Start relationships, date, give gifts and train your descendants to continue your work.

Game Features:
Various strategic decisions;
Battles with enemies;
Alliances with other players;
Romantic adventures;
Ability to have and raise pets.