Vikings: The Saga Mod 1.0.57 (Free Shopping)

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Vikings: The Saga – Scandinavian warriors must defend their settlement from constant enemy attacks. The villagers are forced to fight trolls and zombies, giant spiders, and other bloodthirsty creatures. The gamer’s task is quite simple – he must join the Vikings to destroy all evil spirits. The future of the village depends on how successful the strategy you have chosen is.

Vikings: The Saga


The beginning of the game will be the year 980. That is the time when the peaceful life of the Northern settlement is disrupted by the raids of the wild hordes. The creatures are commanded by a dark mage, whose power is constantly increasing. It is becoming more and more difficult to hold the defense without your help.

To deal with the onslaught of zombies and ferocious trolls around the village, you will have to build several towers. Magic will also help the guardians of the village to destroy them. Consider, if at least one of the armies of the dead broke through the walls of the village, it would no longer be possible to save its inhabitants from total annihilation. Choose the right tactics to keep the tower out of reach of the enemy.

Vikings: The Saga Mod


You will have to explore the surroundings to place your warriors correctly. Not a single creature that moved towards the village would go unnoticed by the Vikings. If the ability to protect the village of the towers is not enough, then you can ask for support from mythical heroes endowed with incredible strength.

To complete Vikings: The Saga, you will have to go through many quests. Gamers will also be very helpful with collectible cards, thanks to which warriors can be improved. While enjoying the colorful locations, you should take a close look at the well-hidden bonuses and all kinds of perks.

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At the end of each journey, you will have to measure your strength against powerful Bosses. These creatures are the most dangerous, so you will not be able to defeat them without ingenuity and ingenuity.

Features of Vikings: The Saga

The developers also give separate modes where the characters will have to survive. If the ranks of the defenders are thinning, fill them with new brave warriors. Thanks to its unique engine and fun gameplay, Vikings: The Saga looks great on any device. At the same time, the graphics used in the game are similar to famous comic books.

Among the advantages of the saga are:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn painting.
  • Many different enemies.
  • Easy to use (with just one finger).
  • Excellent card selection.
  • The presence of a leaderboard.

Battles with evil spirits require incredible tension. Make the most of available opportunities to prevent her from breaking into the village.