W.W.E. Champions Promo Codes (December 2, 2022)

Category Codes
Size 115M
Version 0.584
Update: 02/12/2022
Install Original android

WWE Champions is the best match 3 wrestling game for android that includes all your favorite WWE heroes. Dive into the brutal world of WWE, complete puzzles to defeat your rivals, and assemble a team of new WWE Superstars. Download for free and start fighting right now!

W.W.E. Champions Promo Codes (December 2, 2022)

Send your team into the ring to test your wrestling skills. Team up with other WWE Champions fans.

Features of WWE Champions

  • Use RPG skills to earn XP by fighting in the ring and upgrading your champions to increase their power;
  • The gameplay allows you to combine many skills and upgrades to create an absolutely unique team and defeat opponents;
  • Match 3 puzzles and knock out opponents with branded wrestling techniques;
  • Fighters are always evolving, so join the WWE Universe in weekly fights and games;
  • Collect champions from the 80s, 90s and today;
  • Collect World Wrestling Entertainment favorites like The Rock, The Undertaker, Macho Randy Savage, John Sin, Triple H, The Big Show, Andre the Giant and many more;
  • Match 3 puzzles to attack, build energy and even knock out your enemies with signature WWE Champions moves;
  • Use your combat skills to take down your opponents in epic fights that can be completed in less than five minutes;
  • Team up with friends against rivals;
  • Form a super team of your friends!
  • Heal each other’s injured Superstars and give gifts to your teammates.
Codes List Number of Valid Until
NGEF2Q46IU0 120 January 22, 2023
F51GXBA3R086EWZ 653 January 19, 2023
YK7J3AWRBLQEU4CI 694 December 30, 2022
WB5GAT86ICK1ZRMJO 936 January 7, 2023
2KC6L3U9Y1IJVT4 133 December 21, 2022
LT16PYO2F8C9QBNG 208 January 17, 2023
BLC4RVHEMQKUWXP1 409 January 11, 2023
W5VOD1K0PMB4HUIZE 547 December 18, 2022
Y7XB9P4HLQTORFM 183 December 31, 2022
GHEWU5SY4ZD7JLVR 727 January 21, 2023

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