War Planet Online Mod 5.2.0 (Unlimited Medals/Money)

Category Strategy
Size 832M
Version 5.2.0
Update: 24/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

An addictive game called War Planet Online. With beautiful graphics that give you a lot of positive perspectives with dazzling lights, beautiful colors make up the brand of the game.

The advantage of  War Planet Online is that you can fight with thousands of players from many countries around the world, fight together and side with other players, and communicate with people of all languages.

War Planet Online

Players have many options available. At his disposal are ordinary soldiers and a variety of military equipment, including ballistic missiles, armored forces and powerful aircraft. But the opponents are also very strong. These are real experienced players. It is necessary to create an impregnable base, organize a solid and solid area.

The situation in the game world that was saturated with strong clans was very complicated. And a simple blow can lead to disaster. Need to form alliances with real player allies, plan complex coordinated military operations in chat. Allies can provide effective support in the most difficult moments of combat operations.

War Planet Online Mod

Create a powerful modern army, gather allies around you and attack your opponents. The hardest battles take place in real time. A brilliantly addictive game that will lead to victory, will introduce you to people from all over the world.