wildblood Coupon Codes (July 12, 2022)

Namewildblood Coupon Codes (July 12, 2022)
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Wild Blood is a knightly action game for android about the exploits of the brave Lancelot from Gameloft. King Arthur went mad with jealousy for Lancelot, who flirted with his wife, Queen Guinevere. In a moment of desperation, Arthur was tricked by his own sister, the all-powerful sorceress Morgan Le Fay, into opening the Gates of Hell and unleashing all forms of demons into the world. Meanwhile, Morgana captured Guinevere and locked her on the magical island of Avalon.

Now Lancelot must oppose King Arthur and the evil Morgana in order to free the world from evil creatures and save Guinevere. It’s time for Sir Lancelot to face his destiny!

Wildblood Features:

  • Amazing 3D special effects graphics powered by Unreal Technology;
  • Epic battles full of impressive enemies and amazing special abilities;
  • Become the legendary courageous Sir Lancelot. Fight the infernal legions and challenge the mighty King Arthur, who has been bewitched by Morgana.;
  • Wild Blood has 10 challenging levels, complete them on your way to Avalon with the help of Sir Gawain of the Knights of the Round Table;
  • Come face to face with 20 enemies, including epic bosses;
  • A wide range of weapons, ranging from an ax and a bow to a powerful sword;
  • Enjoy intense, exciting and bloody combat with melee and ranged combat;
  • Explore exciting environments and solve puzzles to get to the hidden locations of Wild Blood;
  • Up to 8 of your friends can participate in Team Deathmatch (4v4) and Capture the Flag;
  • Compare leaderboard scores with Gameloft LIVE!
  • Local (Wi-Fi) and network game modes.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
0FWQGBZSEVM200August 17, 2022
S5KPXBMFJC7ONLW480August 13, 2022
1N6B4OQSZEWX0L73465August 27, 2022
ROB5Q3FSN6IMXZHAK144September 8, 2022
E4LDJVP6MYHR0O3506August 17, 2022
317FEOL0WH6JD2GC898July 25, 2022
0X6GBCU39W1NHJS4717July 14, 2022
FZMENV4K8537LRCDT957July 26, 2022
UPFE5GMBODAVRK4378August 7, 2022
6PUAWIV1TS4Q72XB775July 23, 2022

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