WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D Mod Varies with device (Unlimited Money/Gems)

VersionVaries with device
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WildCraft is a great app that is sure to be appreciated by anyone interested in the lives of animals in the wild. Using this bright and colorful game you can feel like a real explorer and try to survive in the shape of a wild animal. Specifically, you will need to master certain skills to survive, fight for a position in the sun, search for food and other important resources.


Features of WildCraft

WildCraft will help you experience new sensations by diversifying your daily routine with bright events. Gamers who have chosen a colorful and realistic game as a source of adrenaline will not be disappointed: they will plunge into the atmosphere of adventure by going into nature. Here, the participants are not waiting for the role of an idle tourist, but the possibility of reincarnation. Dozens of wild animals featured in this app will let you try on different skin types to test your fighting skills for survival.


WildCraft offers many exciting quests to complete in which you will get not only an unparalleled experience but also rewards. It will be necessary to find a mate, fight predators, raise children. The gameplay is quite interesting due to the presence of a variety of animals, realistic, multiplayer mode.


Guide to play WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D

WildCraft: Animal Life Sim Online will help you experience the thrill of being a member of an engaging action game. Gamers will be involved in the vast, dangerous and beautiful wildlife world. Every mobile device user who chooses a realistic simulator with three-dimensional graphics for entertainment will be able to enjoy its beauty and grandeur.

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This game offers a variety of animals: wolf, fox, lynx – each representative of the local fauna is created with a unique level of realism. In the game, you will have to fight to survive, form a family, gather in herds to confront the enemy using the multiplayer provided. This app will be a great addition to the list of favorite entertainment for fans of brutal wrestling: if you have leadership qualities, you can become a leader.