Wolf Simulator iOS Mod (Unlimited Diamonds/Money)

Category Simulation
Size 88M
Update: 11/10/2022
Install Original android iphone

Wolf Simulator – Evolution of the Wild is a unique 3D simulator with very realistic graphics and an excellent depiction of every action, allowing you to transform into a wolf and live your life. The game works both online and offline, allowing you to meet with a large number of players from all over the world and play alone, becoming the sole owner of the jungle kingdom.

Wolf Simulator

You can do whatever you want in the game – hunt, explore new places, play – live the life of a normal wolf. It is necessary to monitor his vital and health indicators, drink and eat on time. You can live a peaceful life, or you can converge in a war for territory, or even create your pack of wolves so you can control vast territory.

Wolf Simulator Mod

Wolf Simulator – The Evolution of Wild Animals is for those who cannot play without a goal, provided with interesting missions that will add variety to the gameplay, creating a goal to stay in the jungle, for many people will be very interesting. The wolf can be developed and customized, for different actions you can get money, to buy upgrades. Thanks to fashion with a large amount of money, you can pump a wolf much faster.

Hack Wolf Simulator

In addition, the game has a large number of skills that will gradually develop if you perform certain actions. This will allow you to become much stronger over time, as well as define your role in this jungle world.

Even forming a team is also available, you can enter into alliances with other players, even have team wars, as well as hunt for exciting cooperation for this game – this world. Full of fun and amazing will be interesting for everyone who loves wild animals and wolves.

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