World of Prandis Coupon Codes (January 2023)

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Version 2.5.2
Update: 15/01/2023
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World of Prandis is a full fantasy RPG where you can explore a huge open world. If you are already tired of monotonous games with an automatic process, where you practically do not influence anything, then you will definitely like this game. Here you will find the classic mechanics of old school RPGs, with beautiful visual design!

World of Prandis
 Coupon Codes (January 2023)
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Before starting the game, of course, you have to create a unique hero and choose one of the six game classes for him. Then, you immediately appear in the game world, where you can take on a variety of tasks. Sometimes quests may seem monotonous, but often they are noticeably different, and you will always find something interesting for yourself. In addition, in addition to completing missions, there is always the opportunity to go fishing, travel to locations and make new friends.

As you play, you will be able to noticeably upgrade your hero, getting more powerful armor, weapons for him and learning new abilities, for the accumulated experience points. For a change, you can also take part in PvP, where you will face other players in arenas or battlefields. And the fact that the developers regularly release new content and constantly support the game makes this project even more attractive!

Game Features:
High-quality and bright graphics;
Large open game world;
Six different classes;
Massive PvP and PvE events;
Ability to upgrade a character.