World of Tanks Blitz PVP battles Redeem Codes (February 2023)

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Update: 23/01/2023
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World of Tanks Blitz is a simplified version of the popular tank strategy with dynamic battles, convenient controls, and realistic gameplay. Two teams of seven people each take part in the battles. The teams combine different types of tanks, which are represented by medium, light, heavy armored vehicles and anti-tank self-propelled guns. The equipment of the USSR, Germany, Great Britain, Japan is available for the game. All tank models are taken from the original PC version. The battles take place on various locations and maps. A detailed armor system has been developed for each tank. To destroy enemy equipment, it is necessary to target the vulnerabilities of the armored vehicle.

World of Tanks Blitz PVP battles
 Redeem Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
05KFQCEM1OX 943 February 1, 2023
ASMZO7QELDV156I 998 January 31, 2023
Q1KA5WBYPD4OHCML 493 March 22, 2023
J3CK9OBRIG514MLH6 129 February 20, 2023
UR3X1DO2LGNBHFQ 587 February 26, 2023
0NIQX2Y746VT8KRA 691 January 26, 2023
OY7GEJP9MAQ0L684 611 February 16, 2023
ZO0CWIN91YAJGBU2P 171 February 11, 2023
HYASO34W7XFLGMP 834 February 26, 2023
58EOJM791GXCS4AZ 627 February 25, 2023

The victory condition is to destroy all enemy armored vehicles or to capture the enemy base, for which one or several armored vehicles, being in the capture circle, must not receive a single damage. For an effective game, it is necessary to use the performance characteristics of each type of vehicle, to think over tactics and strategy on the battlefield correctly, to choose positions correctly, to use the features of the landscape and cover. For a more interesting game, you can unite in platoons of 2 people, join / create Clans and Alliances.

The mechanics of the game is fully consistent with a similar version, is a shareware game. Since the project was developed as a competitive strategic action game, an Internet connection is required to play. For the mobile version, you can use a single account. For each battle, credits and experience are awarded for pumping crew and equipment. The control is sensitive and precise, the graphics are very realistic. When aiming, you can use sniper mode or automatic tracking of a moving target.

As a result, we have an excellent adaptation of the original World of Tanks game with meticulously laid out mechanics, realistic gameplay, well-designed graphics, physics and audio components. The variety of historical authenticity of content, lightning-fast connection to tank battles, dynamic battles, clear management and control will allow you to fully enjoy virtual tank battles. The disadvantages include the need to donate, the lack of a basic single mode.