Zombie Attack: Adrenaline Gift Codes (December 2, 2022)

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Version 3.16
Update: 02/12/2022
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Zombie Defense: Adrenaline – the most dynamic, intense and bloody zombie shooter for Android in recent times! Protect your barricades from hordes of zombies!

Zombie Attack: Adrenaline Gift Codes (December 2, 2022)

2017 Humanity has been destroyed by a deadly virus from Africa that has turned people into horrible zombies. As a result of the zombie apocalypse, you are the only survivor. But for how long? Every minute you are in danger. You need to act quickly and efficiently to survive and get out of this hellish city. The walking dead are very fast, angry and dangerous! If you shoot them in the legs, they will crawl. Take care of your ammunition, aim for the head and look around, otherwise you will die very quickly. Zombies will be able to destroy your barricades very quickly. Adrenaline will go through the roof! Leave this land of the dead and start a new era before it’s too late.

Zombie Defense: Adrenaline features:

  • Realistic 3D graphics;
  • Dynamic effects;
  • Very scary and dangerous zombies;
  • Hard and intense shooter with tower defense elements;
  • Crowds of evil running zombies;
  • Open 3D zombie land;
  • Destruction of barricades.
Codes List Number of Valid Until
PGN9YATX4SL 582 January 19, 2023
BFH5YNDSO4MUW96 673 January 2, 2023
B07MCZT6U8SGDNKQ 838 December 4, 2022
O4HQUJD9EX0WPCK27 528 December 26, 2022
VEQZ841IN9XUAMD 684 December 3, 2022
18FCPWH5QOKXTRGS 346 January 16, 2023
EOVXYB7P4WR0LKCZ 313 December 15, 2022
CBA3G2HQPDF49Z6IL 444 January 10, 2023
FKB6OHSRIAQ95PX 815 January 3, 2023
Z3YDM4NKE6UTHSJ1 934 December 16, 2022

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