Zombie Siege: Last Civilization iOS Mod 0.1.459 (Unlimited Money)

NameZombie Siege: Last Civilization
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Zombie Siege – a fascinating action strategy game for Android, which will be appreciated by all fans of survival games. Everything is like in the real world: to survive, you need the teamwork of the whole team. The player’s goal is to build and fortify the base, equip his team and fend off the bloody zombies.

Zombie Siege

The dead are not the only dangerous enemy, other users are just waiting for you to lose, they will collect resources accumulated by the labor of others. Team up with friends to fend off enemies, conquer rich territories, and survive in a vast post-apocalyptic virtual valley.


At first, players were given a small team armed with sticks and knives. To protect them, you need a fortress, which can be built from resources found or obtained from neighbors. The main thing is not to hesitate with the construction, because zombies attack all living things with enviable frequency.

Zombie Siege Mod

We will have to approach the process of survival with a compromise because, in addition to solid walls, you will also need some kind of weapon for your companions. Therefore, the most useful advice for beginners is to develop gradually and masterly approach the solution of all pressing problems. If it becomes completely unbearable, friends will help.

Zombie Siege: Last Civilization

Features of Zombie Siege

  • Unique wonderful structure.
  • Strong transport and powerful gun.
  • Deadly enemies attack from all sides.
  • Develop gameplay structure.
  • Train military units and commanders to repel attacks.
  • Interesting pictures.

Players choose their battle strategy and recruit volunteers to their army. As the situation changes every second, and the enemy is not always known, you must make difficult choices and sacrifice professionally trained warriors. Install the game, experience the fear of disappointment and the joy of winning.

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