Zombie Virus : K-Zombie Codes (February 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 1.1.5
Update: 25/01/2023
Install Original android

Zombie Virus : K-Zombie is an epic zombie action game in the setting of an apocalyptic world where you will be one of the surviving heroes who, together with a group of other fighters, cleans up the world mired in crowds of zombies. Destroy mutated monsters, expand your collection of weapons and try your hand at online battles!

Zombie Virus : K-Zombie
 Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
ECFQ8MB042N 536 January 27, 2023
0PD481ICMZE5LOU 604 January 27, 2023
5RVS1JG3Z4H87Q2F 817 March 17, 2023
8BQIKDPH4V21WJFLC 908 March 7, 2023
TUQRYWXAJFC8O0V 376 February 3, 2023
EXJ9P6A4WUI3LSTO 326 February 26, 2023
0IWG7PNKDXQ31C6V 310 February 19, 2023
54KGC3TE09N68VIAF 790 February 25, 2023
SH80ZNJT7QO6YAD 182 March 1, 2023
VEIY2F7PK5T8Z60N 346 March 24, 2023

Players are given several modes to choose from, among which there is a story mode where you can become one of the survivors and join the army that fights back zombies, PvP battles, boss mode and others. Zombies come in several types, from slow slow-paced zombies to agile zombies and huge mutants.

The game has a first-person view and classic zombie shooter mechanics – choose a weapon, aim and destroy the zombies approaching you. You can play both in offline mode passing the story, and online if you choose PvP battles. There is a leveling system for the hero, whose strength increases as the game progresses, and a large collection of weapons that can be gradually unlocked.

Game Features:
Several game modes;
First-person view;
High-quality and realistic graphics;
Zombies of different types;
PvP battle mode.