EndCycle VS APK Mod (Free Unlocked) 2.3

Last update September 22, 2023

NameEndCycle VS
Release12B3 Games

The most modern network fighting game. EndCycle VS here you can fight with your friends, and crazy enemies in the most dynamic online battles.

You just need to correctly combine the use of the battlefield, develop a unique strategy and correctly attack the enemy. You are waiting for multiplayer battles in which you can prove yourself and defeat the enemy. Experience the single-player mode, where you can test all your abilities, develop winning tactics, and put them into practice. Here you will definitely meet more than 10 of the most customizable characters, which will differ greatly from each other in their abilities.

Soon you will create your own deck, which will include more than 80 different abilities. You can combine them with over 40 unique special effects that you will definitely like. At any time, you can change the battlefield, take advantage of its capabilities and endure even the most powerful enemy. The most excellent cross-platform game where you can turn into a powerful hero in an instant. Play in portrait or landscape mode, and switch between them whenever you want.

EndCycle VS MOD

I wanna give it a higher rating but I can't even play it properly because the games screen won't even rotate for me. I don't know if your team has ever made any game for mobile but Profit margin of premium games on mobile is very low and majority of players will pirate it plus playstore will nuke your game from search if you guys don't perform well and sadly most successful games are freemium. Some games like dead cells make it to the top, but most premium games will fail on mobile, and by how this closed beta is being done i don't think you are on the right path. But whatever keep working on the game.. Game is awesome, but please bring back portrait mode for battles. Then I'll change my rating to 5star, thank you.. Honestly the game's not perfect nor is it my favorite style of Battle Network clone (One Step From Eden on PC is more my taste) but in giving this thing five stars for having MODS. There's lots of game here for the single purchase price, and having mods is just a stellar addition on top.. Played the game back in early access, was a small but friendly community. Devs were always engaged with community, and listened to feedback. Life took me away from the game, but excited to play the official release, hoping for even more growth in the future..

EndCycle VS APK

Sorry. I can't play it. OPPO A57. My connection is fine, have 5 GB of space, I can play wild rift here so it basically the app that doesn't suit my phone or the app have an error. Does not reflect this is a "Free" or "Demo" version of the game in Google Play Store. Change that and I will give it 5.. First downloading this game doesn't unlock the full game.This is more of a demo that probably cover 20+% of the game.To unlock the full game you got to buy it inside the game.My opinion on it? It's well made.Based on the demo version i think it's a solid game.I didn't buy the full game because in my currency it would be like 40 dollar.The actual price is not 40$ just based on my currency it's the same as 40$.Better for me to buy new phone charger.Anyway,Try it first then decide.. Controls takes some time to get used to especially if you come from mmbn like me (lol) but that's not really an issue. Art style is good! Some may get turned off by the pixelated style but I like it. The UI is kinda off though. Navigating the menu is hard if I had to use the back button from my phone since it automatically hides it while playing. Wish there was a built-in back button on the menus. Same goes with the changing screen orientation. Overall 4/5 for me.

EndCycle VS APK

I don't believe this was made for 9 years bro the tutorials are bad nvm isn't confusing it was just the tutorial and I didn't know I was in one. This is an exceptional game, a Labour of love with a ton of content. It's not yet a polished game, but it's already an amazing experience that I fully recommend!. I can't edit my other review for whatever reason, bit I reset my game and I'm all good! Controller support is great, game is really entertaining. I'm forcing my brother to play it as we love MegaMan and this is nostalgia overload. Great stuff!!. Would have given it 5 stars, but the touch controls on mobile are terrible. The Attack/Action buttons are too small and too far to the right. Plus the movement is way too touchy. It's emulating an analog joystick, but it's doing it in a way that is not friendly. The inputs mess up way too easy, and an action game like this needs precision to be fun. Movement might be better control with a D-pad. I hope these issues can be fixed. This is an amazing game, that is being held back by poor controls..

EndCycle VS APK

Pretty cool and unique game compared to battle network! Good job! Just the controls for combat is really confusing, took me awhile to understand the controls. But overall nice experience!. I commented before but i dont see it, anyway they need to make sure that the mods that are being added to the game doesn't break it upon application or at least a disclaimer of the risk. But long as they keep the backup safe system going everything should be okay. Other than that it's mostly perfect . Subpar, but there's potential. The game is essentially a moba-style battle network-type game, where instead of adapting to real-time risks from randomly-delivered moves/chips, you're instead managing cooldowns on multiple moves you preset before battle. This wouldn't be an issue normally, but the combat inputs on touchscreens is terrible. Free version seems to be getting endless mode, so I'm editing my review to a 4. Online VS is free, but not enough players nor servers at the time of writing.. I've been looking for a battle network style game in any platform and this one seems great so far! Active devs and a budding community hopefully make this last!.

Is such an amazing game, I'm literally speechless, for all the RPG Fans, TCG, Collectibles or MegaMan Battle Network fans, is fit perfect. If your at all nostalgic for Megaman Battle Network download immediately. A great twist on the original game mechanics from MMBN. I enjoyed the substitution from an overworld to just moving across the screen while battling enemies. Warning thou, since it is a mobile game the controls are a bit squished on the landscape mode. So it can be a bit hard to press specific buttons at times with my big thumbs. Overall had a great time playing!. Fun game, good if you like the MMBN series. The gameplay and story gets a bit bland since it has a kind of fighting game story mode style. It gets repetitive.. Unable to download and install mods from the store within the app. Unable to run mods that work on pc. Upset I can't turn this into the mmbn clone I want it to be. Pressing the install button does nothing. Still upset mods aren't working on android, but the game is still good. Anyway to fuse operator and normal modes? So you have 3 mapped attacks and you change the 4th with folder vocs when you custom Guage fills?.

Recommended: Controller of any kind. This game scratches an itch I had for Battle Network games that had stopped since 2011. Attack customization and the thoroughness of how in depth you can get with them is astounding. Eventually you get to color characters, or make your own. Not to mention Mods work on this version of the game. This game is very well-made with tons of stuff but man does it feel weird playing it on a phone, this game makes me feel like I should be playing this flip a controller.. Went through the whole current finished content, definite 5, but might i make one suggestion? I brute forced my way with gun chips and ice block through the 1v1 and defend the npc battles because it was speed based, maybe their could be a "Drawn out battle" type of story or some different type missions someday to make use of the other chips more, like the fight your way to the server mission that was fun! Just a suggestion OuO. It crashed during story campaign. May devs put the premium on store also? Other than that, great job on creating mmbn mobile game. Actually I don't have cards so maybe download direct through store might easier. Thank devs for replying.

A cute pixel art action game that's fast paced but also strategic! There's a ton of customizability and it's free! The controls are responsive and work surprisingly well which is super important for this kinda game.. I had the most bizarre urge to play a mmbn style game on mobile, and luckily enough, I found endcycle vs. this game is stylish, fun, and fabulous. If recommend it to anyone who enjoys retro gaming. A pretty good quick paced game to play with, it's damn fun especially for those who is the fan of megaman bn series game..

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