NameEpic Conquest 2
ReleaseGaco Games

In case you are new to this recreation, you might be confused as to find out how to play this recreation correctly. Nevertheless, the sport isn’t too tricky, even for novices. There are only a few belongings you want to bear in mind. The wonderful thing about this recreation is that it is easy to grasp. The very first thing it’s a must to do is customize the controls. It’s higher to check the completely different rules first. However, you must auto-target monsters and allow Fight Help to simplify issues.

Epic Conquest 2 MOD

I've played game that needed a lot of grinding but this game leveling system is broken why is leveling up so hard it makes sense if your high level But I'm only level 8 and the monster exp given is so low and the amount I need for next level is a lot pls fix it and also the Dodge and M1 sucks like when I try to dodge the attack it'll still hit me, and the M1 need to be fix, like if I only pressed the M1 button 2 time it'll do the full M1, like why can't you just make it 1 tap 1 M1.. My game is already updated it's too hard to lvl up either way and I had the pink hair girl before and now I have to pay for her again. I play the Epic Conquest and able to beat it in three week but Epic Conquest 2 bring some stuff from the first one make me more excited since you can travel the world on your own. The character, dialogue, storyline, colour, combat and weapon was easy to understand. Glad to know this game.. Thank you to all the developers of this game, they are very responsive they did all their best to fix my account. Not only the game is great but the people behind this game are all great people they dont abandon their players. Again thank you all sir. This game is good .I have played both 1 and 2 both are very good game.Good gaming experience most importantly good storyline.I hope this game part 3 will come.

Epic Conquest 2 APK

THIS GAME IS REALLY GOOD YOU CAN EVEN PLAY IT OFFLINE. AS FOR ME I CANT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME... YEAH LIKE IM STILL PLAYING IT TILL 12 IN THE EVENING AND NOW IM DONE I FINISH THE GAME AND WAITING FOR UPDATE.. I REALLY WANT AN UPDATE SO BAD... BUT I KNOW ITS NOT EASY TO DO THAT... SO I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT THIS GAME IS 100000X BETTER THAN MY PREVIOUS FAVORITE GAME AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS HOPE I CAN SUPPORT YOU[ALL] BUT I DONT HAVE ANY MONEY TO BUY THINGS. AGAIN THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME. Amazing game I love it! At first try I got addicted to it. Salute to the creators and developers of this game!. If you are sad play this game it help lift your spirits and it a good game I never forget this game best game of all-time am looking forward to a update it just getting better . Good game the story and the designs is cool.The graphics of this game is better than Epic conquest 1,by the way i'm still waiting in the next update.Keep it up.

Epic Conquest 2 APK

I love the developers here cause they respond comment keep it upstill waiting for next chapter of this gamehello it's been 2 months.... Any updates pls do it faster. I really want to say thank you very much for making such a wonderful game it made my day and its really very nice and so amazing the storyline so cool battle scenes are amazing really love everything about this game I wish there's a part 3. Offline Good Story Graphics Control Gameplay Low Size This is the best offline rpg game I ever played wow it's 10/10 waiting for update and new character to buy. GJ to developer . I'm speechless it's too amazing it broke my scale though there are some flaws of the game (the bugs) but it's still good keep up the good work devs your doing great.

Epic Conquest 2 APK

Plss let the same ligth in +12 weapon in transmog .. I want to see my eclipse skin partner with void sword with same ligth +12 in transmog Plss thank you. I've been playing this game ever since i finished playing epic conquest 2. This game is good 'causee i can play with/without internet. I rate it 4 due to almost all things that players needed can be bought by real money, i was hoping that maybe in the shop we could buy some things that can be bought through the games money or ruby(potions like exp, skills etc.) with not too wxpensive proce nor cheap but players could afford.. This is one of the best anime games yet. The experience is just unmatched and the story is as interesting as the epic conquest 1. Great job...keep it up. And we hope for epic conquest 3. Loved this game since the 1st time I played it... but after months of playing it till now, things went downhill & the things I'm talking about ain't the game's updates & all, I'm talking about nothing but those bugs that were said to be fixed! Not later than Now after I played normally for a while, the screen became black, then I were suddenly in the home screen, got logged out of my Googleplay acc, I logged into it again AND it blacked out AGAIN!!! Deleted it & never gonna download ever again!!.

honestly it's a huge improvement from the first game.The ui,storyline,graphic is improving a lot and i enjoyed it..i give you guys 4 star cause i know this game will be much more better in future :). I need help with my premium account which for some reason took my money yet I am not a premium member. It took my money twice. Support is needed. Please help. This is my favourite game on mobile even if hsr and genshin impact is still my favourite I played this game from the start of the game start I hope the game finished and I hope you a good luck this game has very unique play style and a unique story I like the first but I like the second better. I hope zeraf can be playable in next update and why does alaster did Edna dirty if you mean. Edit: reached end of current version and waiting for update. I feel that cycling events or something to keep players involved would be a wise move. I have minimal complaints for overall playability, The hidden puzzles on rock walls/bricks and such could definitely be a little more complicated, it's like one of the developers really has a thing for Renaissance style puzzles. There's a lot of Hidden imagery that's a bit obvious, main map could use less classic subliminal tactics fs..

Full release i mean the story still in chapter 4 but im still waiting to complete the story so thats why i comment that but overall thank you for response. The game is very amazingly good.. But one concern is it's hard to level up and the monsters that are usually 1 level higher are some how harder to kill but in my opinion the games good just make sure to please make it to where you can level up fast like exp potions can be gettable by gem exchanges. The game is very very great but, i have an issue. About when i play offline like, yes it runs completely fine but the dailies (like the daily reward, quest, and time related things) dont run when im playing the game offline, which is JUST VERY ANNOYING, unlike the prequel that the time is just continuosly running despite not playing the game, or playing it offline. (Five stars because it is a great game but, please be a little bit kinder to offline players when the next update comes.). Game is amazing, really enjoying it. It's a huge improvement over the already amazing epic conquest. Any news when the game will be completed?.

ahh I really like this game i always play this because it is enjoyable, but since i change my phone, my previous phone is oppo a31 and my new one is oppo a98 5g, now my problem is that i can't play this game here in my new phone. so why can't i play. im really disappointed.. Great storyline, character stats customization, lots of redeem codes (probably at least 2 characters unlock ruby cost), ever since the latest android update small black static looking polygons keep swarming my screen I'm thinking it's a glitch from os update (not the makers fault unless it is ) but I'm hoping for a fix. it isn't unplayable like this but it's just really weird b/c ur character camouflages sometimes with the glitchy background and NPCs are also affected.Or perhaps it's just me idk. I love this game, f2p friendly and can both be offline and online! I should of played this sooner! % recommended.. Huge improvement in design, graphics and control although starting point is terrible, map is way to big for a mobile game, too many items, too many NPC to talk to, there is just alot to get by, camera placement+ follow arena good, its good game but its not for me. If you like chibi RPG games, nd u like genshin impact but u cant run it or have space than this is your game well its worth a shot.

Loving this game so far, hoping the next update isn't the last chapter, hoping there's more story, new continent, and new equipments and stuff to forward to. 5 starrr :). Also can you pleaseadd a feature like when you click buff/debuff icon it will tell you what is the name. It will help new players a lot and make understanding passive more easier if you dont mind :) nice game i love it. I've been playing this game since 2020 ,this game is amazing , I hope more event's to come in the future to gain more gems hehe , and still waiting for the next story , I now have 4 character waaahhhhh I love it so much. This game is so amazing. Its my favorite game now i already finished the epic conquest 1 and it's wonderful too , now I'm playing epic conquest 2 and I'm waiting for the new chapter. If I want to say something it will be "THIS IS WORK OF ART" .just one thing : you should make the level up more easily or make the demons more weakly exactly the bosses because when I'm level 22 the boss can be 37 or more so it's so hard to defeat him . This is the only issue. I hope you can do something >.<.

The game is better than the first. I purchased premium pass and it says there that ads for daily box will be removed but there is still ads. I'm planning to purchase a package but will I get what is written there? Hope you can clarify the premium pass issue.. Improve the performance more when it's on low graphics because it's still has high fps drop even on low graphics the fps drop of this game is worst than MLBB ultra graphics quality hmmm (Bad at english). Over all its perfect but except for the bug in blood eclipse event shop... I summon 1each of the eclipse but its hanging and the blood eclipse that i buy by 70 gems its gone without getting an item in that summon... And i lost 70gems for that bug hanging... Its so hard to earn a gems here hope my gems comes back ty. It really an interesting game and also a little bit addictive, but I would really like it if the monster respawn a bit faster, it shouldn't be until I leave a particular scene and return in order to meet the monsters. If the time for monster respawn can be reduced it will aid the leveling up of the characters because it is really tiring to be leveling up right now, I had to fight a level 30 boss when I am still at level 25 with claris and others are even below . Well it really a great game .

I must say you did a great job making this game the storyline, background music,the graphics and the gameplay it's a little bit laggy but it's perfect and what I amaze about this game is offline so you can play when you're bored it's really additive I spent my 2 days for this game hope you finish this game it's really amazing I have high hopes on this game I be waiting for next update thanks for the amazing game I'm excited of your updatex. This game is amazing! I love the story and then tasks are always doable. You can also play it offline but there are cool stuff while playing with wifi or mobile data. Such a cool game! I hope that they will male an update sooner. Highly recommended for those who love adventure.. You can play this even without having any internet connection. It has a great story during the gameplay. I suggest that you should Add more skins and giveaways since grinding to craft items takes too long and hard to get and the mobs and boss are ridiculously tough but manageable with game skills. Can you add some other basic mobs except bogu's? Hearing them being killed is a pain in the ear though. About during cutscene, you should put skip button though. I love this game so far. . Can you help me because I am not getting daily task and rewards and the cooldown time don't getting down .Best game ever Please update fast add some new chapters and story but I am getting a problem from past few months that I am not getting daily quest and rewards I need to actually play 24 hrs to get daily rewards please developer solve this problem otherwise one of best game on play Store.

It's really an amazing game no matter how many times I play it. When is the next update? I can't wait!. I like epic conquest very much not to rush you or anything but I was kindly asking when will the next update come and is zeraz going to come back I was asking when is the next update come. Never played the prequel but this is great, I normally dislike MMOs and grindy games but the grind here is bearable and it's a singleplayer game that can be played offline! Cannot wait to see the ending but for now I am stuck at Marlene and grinding hard to get past her. Also, weapons and character ornaments be drippy (I love raven masquarade drip).. Game is very good but the level are bit too hard also i feel like epic conquest (1) has totally been abandoned please update its story. Edit:I have lost my progress after I deleted the game even though I saved it by accounts I was on Bahdur ruins and now have to start all over. Edit:The character level up is way too Grindy on free play I reached the boss battle where I have to fight demon siblings along with their summonings except I am way underleved.

The art style, BGM and story are all great and I'm heartly waiting for the next update. I really enjoy playing this game, and the upgrades make it even more amusing. I have a request, could you also give Edna a new costume like Claris's blood eclipse. I'm currently Lv 39 with Edna and 38 with chase. I've also played EC 1 and that was also great. Could you also give us another multiplayer event (it would be better if we could drop things). The last one was great and we'd really like another one.. The game is very good, everything is fine until I reached the main quest where I have to protect Juno.The task is extremely hard and I've been stuck on that task for 2 months now and I'm feeling realy bored when playing the game repeating the same procces for getting max xp to defeat that task that I think requires 30+ Lvel hero to defeat. Please tone down the damage of bogu swrdsman because its really op And please do something to make the juno task be completed easier ex add more hp on juno. Its a very good game the graphics its good the combat styles are awesome and i like to request can you do like you have a companion in the game where you can choose other chracters to fight with you pleas do that thank you. Hello, I changed my review but still a 5 star because it deserves it.. pls continue this game.. I'm waiting for the next update where Miria's parents appear... kyaahhhhh I can't wait to see the story line.. This is the best of the best.. VERY VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...

This game is very nice, but its laging on my phone. Please make some performance improvement, so those who have low end device, like me can have fun playing this game, thank you.. Best RPG ive played so far! Thanks developer for providing us a best sequel to our old school favorite game.. Epic Conquest 2 is a captivating offline game with impressive gameplay and engaging quests. The graphics are good but have room for improvement. The offline mode is a standout feature, and the chemistry between Alaster and my character adds depth to the story. Overall, it's an addictive experience worth playing.. I uninstall this game 1 yr ago because still a new Game and many bug i waited for too long i hope the bug is now gone for good..

It's a good game but it will be better if it is 3 party instead of 2 and you have to have wifi for getting the daily rewards and Ian just a child and doesn't constantly have data but overall an amazing game. Dear Developer I'm Used Data Seluler, Cause I Like This Game And I'm Sorry I Give Just 4 Stars, On More Coupon code Not working.. The Game is awesome and entertaining! I would like to suggest that there should be a "Save" function without returning to the main screen.. I hate this game it doesn't work on my phone just load and then when I press start it does not work please fix this.

Pls give us some more updates. I really like to know the ending of this game and the the story is much better than previous epic conquest and Thank you for creating such a masterpiece.. The game is nice, I can interact with npc's and go wherever I want to go, but my problem is with the blacksmith, even though I have the iron sword or gun, it says I don't have any and no matter how much I buy it keeps saying the same thing, and I can't defeat the boss without good weapons. Please fix this bug.. I have play this game when i was only 9-12 years old but i always love this game i deleted this game for a reason which is i can't a level which is the level that's I need to clear the minnar of bosses sorry (). A very good game though it has some bugs like when I was doing some quest to kill some monsters and exited halfway , the next time I logged in it showed that monsters are gone but not counted.

Love the game, but I'm kinda used to the conquest 1 so, its new to me for this kind of gameplay. This games in like you in a anime and the graphics are the best ones I've seen I can't wait for the update of epic conquest . It's perfect for my taste... I love the fact that the characters from epic conquest 1 appears somewhere in the story. I really like this game and would rate it a 5 star, but I cannot log in to my right account, I have multiple accounts and it keeps logging on to my other account instead of this one. Can you make a change so we can pick which accound to use? I basically cannot play till yall change this unless I want yo start all over..

I love this game ... I loved playing the first one and continuing the story on the second one is fun. This one is a bit hard and I spend hours and hours leveling but it's worth it ... So far I'm totally loving the story. This game was so amazing since I download this game and play it I was so addicted to play,so I rate this game in 5 star.I really like this game the graphics was beautiful and I love the story it was sad and happy.Im excited for the next update thank you GACO GAMES. There's bug when you withdraw store item when bag full, Yes you cannot withdraw when full, but the item gone after that (so it's empty when back to storage). Great adventure, but the enemies looks all the same like Ec 1, and change the Bgm,/ it sounds like a nursery rhymes, make it exciting and thrilling music like an action adventure soundtrack.

I love everything about this game and also the fact that the developers have a listening ear to their players complain or idea towards the game. I hope it's a trilogy . I loved it but a thing i want is that i used ads to gain more item but there is a ad that always stuck my game , america type or something , please resolve or remove that . Anyway I .

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