NameEscapeGame PainlessRoom
CategoryNew Game
Size88 MB
ReleaseKensuke Horikoshi

EscapeGame PainlessRoom is a popular game where players are locked inside a room and have to find clues, solve puzzles, and unravel mysteries in order to escape. The game is designed to be challenging and immersive, with various themes and scenarios to choose from. Players must work together as a team to uncover hidden objects, decipher codes, and unlock locks in order to progress. The game tests problem-solving skills, communication, and collaboration. It offers a thrilling experience for players who enjoy adventure and suspense. Whether you’re into horror, mystery, or fantasy, EscapeGame PainlessRoom has something for everyone.

EscapeGame PainlessRoom MOD

Strange, but interesting game. Like a dream! Fragments and panels, but really liked the art style and how it ties the puzzles together. Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Definitely going to try other games from this publisher.. Beautiful and strange graphics, one of their easier ones but still enjoyable. Beginner-friendly, puzzles quite simple.. I finished without using hints, basically because the hint button didn't work. Click everything. Click everything again. It's actually a really nice, relaxing game if you are prepared to just take your time and experiment with the items.. Not a bad escape game. Would like more of a story line. Like the abstract style though.. Very unique and challenging..

EscapeGame PainlessRoom APK

Easily one of the worst escape games I've played in years. Puzzles are nonsensical, and having a disgusting ad about an ear cleaning doctor or how to clean foot fungus when I close and reopen the app just because I needed to take a phone call is ridiculous. Pretty art doesn't make up for a good game.. Fun game. All by this developer are. Not sure if there is a secret ending that I just can't get to.. it was a little short but still a good one. Really enjoyed playing this game. Very unique and clever. Well done can't wait for your next game.. Absolutely worth the wait! Everything about these games is so creative & delicious-I just adore them & am in awe of different they are from everything I play. Got stumped in the white room for a bit & then was immediately sad the ending came so quickly. Wish I had more stars to give-I'm forever a fan! All the best & THANK YOU!!!.

EscapeGame PainlessRoom APK

Short but it was excellent.

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