NameEvil Awakening II : Erebus
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseGame Hollywood Hong Kong Limited

Evil Awakening II: Erebus is an action-packed, horror-themed video game that takes place in the dark and desolate world of Erebus. Players assume the role of a fearless warrior named Adrian, who is on a mission to save his sister from the clutches of an ancient evil that has awakened in Erebus.

The game unfolds in a series of challenging levels filled with terrifying creatures, treacherous traps, and mind-bending puzzles. Players must navigate through haunting landscapes, including eerie forests, decrepit dungeons, and cursed temples, all while battling grotesque monsters and formidable bosses.

To aid in his quest, Adrian is equipped with an arsenal of formidable weapons and powerful magic spells. Players can customize Adrian’s abilities and fighting style, allowing for a dynamic and personalized gameplay experience.

In addition to its thrilling gameplay, Evil Awakening II: Erebus boasts stunning graphics, immersive sound design, and a gripping narrative that delves into the deep lore of the game’s world. As Adrian faces his fears and battles darkness, players are drawn into a captivating and suspenseful journey of survival and redemption.

Evil Awakening II : Erebus MOD

The game is good. However a true money pit. After spending literally $1000s , I'm interested in maxing out character. The Problem is the Developers and company behind the game are the most useless, money grubbing, and socially dysfunctional group I've ever seen. I recommend banning them from Google. They care only about inferior products to steal money. While ignoring hate filled actions and words of the children who play.. had to uninstall it not interesting enough to keep playing. Nice events and cheap prices but not enough to fix glitching in the app on certain modes my original would've been 3 stars but because of the glitching that lowered it's grade performance and playable leveling fix bugs glitches then I will come back to play. It's a bit auto play but that's fine. Unfortunately the severs are dead, there are only 6 active players in my server, sure I win everything but where's the challenge and how can I do guild events when it's usualy just me and maybe 1 other. Worst thing is time events, the time events don't match either the sever time or my local time!!!! Also CS bosses are impossible as there's not enough people joining them.. this is one of us type of games I like but I'm sure I do like MMO I do get bored or time but hopefully not on his enormously it's going to be exciting to see a future updates of the game reason why I'm just doing that three stars I'm just trying to keep it neutral I hope understandable also have a good year of this game it is one of the MMO games I like sometimes just being to remind me as it but also it's just simple over time it will get difficult to level up after 100 lvl Ik that have fun. simply love this game, very addicting, great art style heroes and upgrades are great also. Just Simply Said, Come and join Us.

Evil Awakening II : Erebus APK

Hard pass in this Game is in portrait permanently and the fact its an idle pay to win was disappointing. Slowly brings you into a paywall, the game would have been okay but they suck you in with free vip up to v3 and once you get to lvl 80 everything goes p2w... What the heck update the game or something it won't even open like what did you guys do it use to work fine. I really love the game so much I played it on my PC some time back and I reached RI 12.

Evil Awakening II : Erebus APK

I downloaded the game but you do absolutely nothing it auto attacks apart from upgrades it ain't really a game I'll recommend to anyone..RPG and moving around features is really so much better unfortunately I need to give one star to rate which sucks. THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!! the quality is good. there are NO ads. and there is even better RPG than the others!!. Pay to win all my progress doesn't mean anything if a person pays some money to be stronger than me there is no point to playing unless you spend money sad thing is I actually liked the game at the beginning. There is too many bugs to fix, at this time this game is just unplayable. Screen is laging and I don't understood what is the main target of this game.

Evil Awakening II : Erebus APK

This is ever worse then other autoplay. Not even the graphics are good. It's autoplay at 5fps. Can I give zero stars??. Totally void of any originality and poorly executed. I kinda feel bad for this development team. You must do better.. Game UI is so crowded you van barely ser what you are doing. Character pops all over screen, on my phone it was hard to see what was going on. Game play in auto was boring, turn it off and you are stuck with no idea where to go or do.. Hello game is 5 stars for me . But phone screen sleep when game is opened . Have to touch the screen like every 2 minutes to keep the game going . fix it thank you.

Do you like to play games? If so, this game is not for you! It's yet another auto-play red dot game. Hard pass.. Gonna start with the bad stuff about this game. -Game is p2w, meaning that the only way of actually enjoying this game is by paying money, so you get stronger. - Many games have the exact same layout. I have seen other games that look identical to this one. - There is no character customization, just 3 characters to choose from. Good stuff- - Graphics aren't bad Neutral- - a lot of time probably went towards this game, so it is understandable that they would try convince you to spend money.. Unless the game has any kind of pre-install or something (more then 13 mb ) , every single time I install it the game doesn't run/load or download anything more. I don't think my device is the problem since I got other games installed which run perfectly. Sorry guys can't give more then a since for me it doesn't work. Maybe other don't have the same problem.. its a good game!, its still new so it will need a lot of improvement. Not also laggy. Im looking forward for the next update!.

Standard game of this type - sit and watch it play, screen is covered in icons you can't use cos you constantly have to hit 'OK', zero real interaction required. It's basically either hit 'Collect' forever or pay money to hit 'Collect' forever just a bit faster cos you now own a shiny sword. Thrilling.. Another copy/paste game under a different name in which the players have no choice but to click on meaningless popups. No thanks!. Please optimize your game before releasing... my God, the lagging and loading and clicky sound is horrible. Don't even wanna bother going into settings to figure out what does that. Half the time, game doesn't even load properly and the character is just attacking air... plus the map loads in as blurry squares? Da heck? Lol. New games usually have a few bugs but this is ridiculous.. Normal auto play fair. Graphics are appalling and it's in incredibly laggy. Hopefully this is just a case of inital opening but I'm not a fan of auto play games so I'm giving it a miss.

This is not a game which contains glitch and error with little too many buttons floating on screen. But this is an error and glitch which contains many buttons floating with too little game on screen.. It's a pretty good game so far and they haven't lied in there add so your getting what you expect, in my opinion, that's pretty deserving of 5 stars.

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